Batista walks alone -Hardy feels the force as The Animal returns

With Survivor Series just two weeks away, an angry Batista continued on his warpath by destroying fan favourite Matt Hardy.

Ever since he failed to win the World Title at WWE Bragging Rights last month, Batista has literally turned into an Animal. Last week, Batista attacked Hardy from behind and in the main event on the latest edition of Friday Night Smackdown, Matt Hardy felt The Animal’s wrath once again.

After smashing Hardy into the announce table, Batista drove a TV monitor into his spine. The brutal assault earned Batista an immediate disqualification. The Animal appears to have abandoned all that are closest to him, his friends and the many thousands of fans who support him.

Will the sacrifice pay off for The Animal who is determined to get his hands on the World Heavyweight Championship?

Also this week on Smackdown, Dolph Ziggler & The Hart Dynasty defeated Intercontinental Champion John Morrison & Cryme Tyme.

Ziggler gave himself a shot in the arm by pinning Shad Gaspard in the Six-Man Tag Team Match and will go on to face John Morrison for the Intercontinental Championship next week in Sheffield, England.

Meanwhile, Scotsman Drew McIntyre defeated Jimmy Wang Yang. Before the match even began, McIntyre attacked his opponent from behind, knocking him out of the ring. When the match finally started, McIntyre struck with a devastating Double Underhook DDT for the one-two-three.

By defeating Mike Knox with the 619, The Biggest Little Man Rey Mysterio picked up major momentum for his Survivor Series match with Batista.

A frustrated CM Punk couldn’t believe his luck after he was defeated by R-Truth. Referee Scott Armstrong found himself in controversy once again, after Punk asked the official to count faster, which ultimately cost The Straightedge Superstar in the end.

Finally, in similar circumstances to last week The Glamazon Beth Phoenix recorded yet another commanding victory as she faced off against local competitor Brittany Carter.

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