T20 worldcup semifinal and t20 worldcup 2010 Final

Now The Situation has been changed,because England beat the newzealand and through out kiwis from t20 worldcup and pakistan qualify for semifinal .

in semi final Pakistan face the Australia which is a strong side but in previous match with south Africa Pakistani team show a spirit and courage of a world champion.Now the ball is in court of Pakistani cricket team because its a golden chance to defend its championship and in final of t20 world cup 2010 they defeat any team and again won t20worldcup.

In the t20 worldcup semifinal and in final there are really good and tough teams like England ,Australia and Some from westindies or india and also there is chance of sri lanka.SO in t20 world cup semifinal pakistani team must show its termindious performance to reach top again.

In T20worldcup Final they  show courage and performance like in past t20 worldcup final.

Teams like Australia and England with there performance are top favorite sides in t20 worldcup semi finals. But in cricket like t20 there are nothing to say what happen because teams like Pakistan ,west indies are teams which show suddenly performance and change the situation.

So there are Following players picture who play an important role in T2o worldcup semi final and t2o worldcup 2010 final.

Looks at Teams which is more impressive.

looks good.

home crowed advantage.

Struggling but impressive

Not Clear How to do

if start is good then finish is also well.

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