Shah Rukh Khan: Blame it on me

Kolkata team owner and Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan apologised to the team’s fans saying that his team could not perform to their expectations.

Sourav Ganguly led Kolkata team were knocked out from the race to semifinals of the Indian Premier League for the third consecutive year. The team lost to Chennai by nine wickets on Tuesday.

“I completely take the blame for not putting up a good show. The team was outbatted, outbowled and outclassed,” Khan wrote on his Twitter page.

“Thanks to the Kolkata audience…you make us proud..couldn’t do the same..and can’t make any promises for future either,”

The superstar thanked the players for trying their best but said that sometimes his side’s best was not enough.

“I will call and thank them for trying, even if it wasn’t good enough,” he wrote.

Shah Rukh said he would find a way to deal with the dejection.

“I am off now to deal with disappointments in the way I know best. You find your poison. Unconditional apologies to all,” he wrote.

Khan had left the tournament in South Africa mid-way last year after the Kolkata team were sure to languish at the bottom.

“I am not sad. Just feel awful for Kolkata and all of this..my kids gave me a hug for the first time in 3 years when we lost. They have overcome the sadness of defeat better than me. It is time to learn.”

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