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FIFA world cup 2010 from June 11: complete schedule, fixture, timings and telecast details.

FIFA World Cup 2010, a month long mega football event will be kicked off on Friday June 11 at Johannesburg in South Africa between host South Africa and Mexico. Zakumi, an anthropomorphized leopard is the official mascot for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

THE FIFA World Cup 2010, a month long mega football event will be kicked off on Friday June 11 at Johannesburg in South Africa between host South Africa and Mexico. The 19th edition of FIFA World Cup will continue till July 11. This will be the first time that the FIFA world cup tournament has been hosted by any African nation.

According to the FIFA world cup football 2010 roster, schedule, thirty two nations, who have been qualified for this premier international football tournament, divided into eight groups including host South Africa, defending champion Italy and runners-up France.

Zakumi, an anthropomorphized leopard with green hair, is the official mascot for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Zakumi’s official motto is: “Zakumi’s game is Fair Play.”

FIFA World Cup 2010 will be covered by ABC Sports & ESPN TV channels in the U.S, in Canada live coverage of the world cup 2010 will be available in CBS TV channel. In the UK, live coverage of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa will be telecast on BBC and ITV. ESPN Star Sports are all set to telecast on the Indian Subcontinent while SKY Sport will telecast in Australia and New Zealand.

FIFA world cup 2010 complete Schedule, Dates, Times and Venues:

Day Venue & Time Stage Team 1 Team 2
Fri, June 11 Johannesburg, 16:00 Group A South Africa Mexico
Cape Town, 20:30 Uruguay France
Sat, June 12 Johannesburg, 16:00 Group B Argentina Nigeria
Port Elizabeth, 13:30 Korea Republic Greece
Rustenburg, 20:30 Group C England USA
Sun, June 13 Polokwane, 13:30 Algeria Slovenia
Durban, 20:30 Group D Germany Australia
Pretoria, 16:00 Serbia Ghana
Mon, June 14 Johannesburg, 13:30 Group E Netherlands Denmark
Bloemfontein, 16:00 Japan Cameroon
Cape Town, 20:30 Group F Italy Paraguay
Tues, June 15 Rustenburg, 13:30 New Zealand Slovakia
Port Elizabeth, 16:00 Group G Ivory Coast Portugal
Johannesburg, 20:30 Brazil Korea DPR
Wed, June 16 Nelspruit, 13:30 Group H Honduras Chile
Durban, 16:00 Spain Switzerland
Pretoria, 20:30 Group A South Africa Uruguay
Thurs, June 17 Polokwane, 20:30 France Mexico
Bloemfontein, 16:00 Group B Greece Nigeria
Johannesburg, 13:30 Argentina Korea Republic
Fri, June 18 Port Elizabeth, 13:30 Group D Germany Serbia
Johannesburg, 16:00 Group C Slovenia USA
Cape Town, 20:30 England Algeria
Sat, June 19 Rustenburg, 16:00 Group D Ghana Australia
Durban, 13:30 Group E Netherlands Japan
Pretoria, 20:30 Cameroon Denmark
Sun, June 20 Bloemfontein, 13:30 Group F Slovakia Paraguay
Nelspruit, 16:00 Italy New Zealand
Johannesburg, 20:30 Group G Brazil Ivory Coast
Mon, June 21 Cape Town, 13:30 Portugal Korea DPR
Port Elizabeth, 16:00 Group H Chile Switzerland
Johannesburg, 20:30 Spain Honduras
Tues, June 22 Bloemfontein, 16:00 Group A France South Africa
Rustenburg, 16:00 Mexico Uruguay
Polokwane, 20:30 Group B Nigeria Korea Republic
Durban, 20:30 Greece Argentina
Wed, June 23 Pretoria, 16:00 Group C USA Algeria
Port Elizabeth, 16:00 Slovenia England
Johannesburg, 20:30 Group D Ghana Germany
Nelspruit, 20:30 Australia Serbia
Thurs, June 24 Johannesburg, 16:00 Group F Slovakia Italy
Polokwane, 16:00 Paraguay New Zealand
Rustenburg, 20:30 Group E Denmark Japan
Cape Town, 20:30 Cameroon Netherlands
Fri, June 25 Durban, 16:00 Group G Portugal Brazil
Nelspruit, 16:00 Korea DPR Ivory Coast
Pretoria, 20:30 Group H Chile Spain
Bloemfontein, 20:30 Switzerland Honduras
Sat, June 26 ROUND OF 16
Port Elizabeth, 16:00 Match 1 1A 2B
Rustenburg, 20:30 Match 3 1C 2D
Sun, June 27 Bloemfontein, 16:00 Match 4 1D 2C
Johannesburg, 20:30 Match 2 1B 2A
Mon, June 28 Durban, 16:00 Match 5 1E 2F
Johannesburg, 20:30 Match 7 1G 2H
Tues, June 29 Pretoria, 16:00 Match 6 1F 2E
Cape Town, 20:30 Match 8 1H 2G
Port Elizabeth, 16:00 C 5 7
Johannesburg, 20:30 A 1 3
Sat, July 3 Cape Town, 16:00 B 2 4
Johannesburg, 20:30 D 6 8
Tues, July 6 Cape Town, 20:30 Semi-final I A C
Wed, July 7 Durban, 20:30 Semi-final II B D
Sat, July 10 Port Elizabeth, 20:30 Third place play-off Loser I Loser II
Sun, July 11 Johannesburg, 20:30 FINAL Winner I Winner II

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