Modi says IPL can’t overtake BCCI

IPL commissioner denied theories that the BCCI was taking a backseat in the face of the league’s phenomenal growth.

“Not true. The IPL has a revenue of only Rs six crore a day whereas BCCI earns a revenue of Rs 32.5 crore a day from broadcasting alone. We are no where near and BCCI will always remain ahead,” Modi said.

The IPL boss stressed that the T20 league was not in competition with the BCCI but with the entertainment industry on the whole.

“You have host of soap operas at prime time on TV and that is the time when our matches commence.

We have the highest TRP rating and going by the trends, these will only increase,” he said\

Modi said that a part of the IPL revenues also go to the BCCI besides being the majority shared by the teams.

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