Top Ten NFL Teams of All Time

With the Giants and Pats facing off in a Super Bowl rematch, we can’t forget the significance of the first matchup. The Pats were 1 win away from an undefeated season and most likely would’ve been called, The Greatest Team of All-Time. But one Giant loss forever altered how they’ll be remembered 10, 20, 30 years down the road. Unfortunately, history rarely remembers the losers; the teams who came up short despite their overwhelming dominance in the regular season. This list will countdown the top teams to not win the Super Bowl in their respective seasons. Let us know if we missed any teams in the comments.

Top Ten NFL Teams of All Time

1. 1985 Chicago Bears
William “the Refrigerator” Perry, Walter “Sweetness” Peyton, a defense that held opponents to 198 points for the season, What didn’t this team have? This team was so confident that they recorded the now famous “SuperBowl Shuffle” before the playoffs even began. They backed it un in the playoffs by blowing out there three opponents by a combined 91-10.

2. 1972 Miami Dolphins
You can try to bash this teams undefeated record by crying about “ease of schedule” (Their opponents had a combined winning percentage of under .400) and that they squeaked through the playoffs, barely nudging out the Pittsburgh Steelers by 4 in the Championship game (Heck, they were even considered underdogs against the Washington Redskins in the SuperBowl), but the honest truth is that they went undefeated. They avoided the hiccups that plagued the other teams on this list and the only thing keeping them out of the number one slot was the pure dominance shown by the one team ahead of them.

3. 2007 New England Patriots
They were the first team in any of the major sports  in over a hundred years to start their season 18-0. They overcame the debacle of “Spygate” where they were caught videotaping opponents defensive signals. The only blemish on their perfect season came in the SuperBowl, where it took a miracle catch and a clutch drive to give the New York Giants a 17-14 last second win.

4. 1979 Pittsburgh Steelers
The 70′s belonged to the Steelers, where they collected 4 of their 6 SuperBowl victories, and the 1979 Pittsburgh Steelers were perhaps the most potent team they put on the field. In addition to their legendary “Steel Curtain” defense, they boasted the top offense in the league in ’79. Terry Bradshaw threw for 3,724 yds and 26 tds while their rushing attack led by Franco Harris, Rocky Bleier, and Sidney Thornton put up over 2000 yards.

5. 1989 San Francisco 49ers
When you have an offense with the names of Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, and John Taylor in it, you’re going to be good. And this dynasty of the 80′s were never better than in 1989 where they cruised their way to another SuperBowl win.

6. 1962 Green Bay Packers
Want to talk about domination? This team held opponents to an average of under 11 points all season, they won their first four games by a combined 109-14 and on a chilly November day, they out-gained the Philadelphia Eagles 628 yds to 54. Yikes!

7. 1971 Dallas Cowboys
An all around talented team that got it done on both sides of the ball.  They scored 40+ points five times that season and their defense allowed only 6 points total in the NFC Championship game and SuperBowl combined.

8. 1999 St. Louis Rams
The greatest rags to riches story the NFL has ever known, Kurt Warner (former grocery clerk turned NFL MVP), led this high octane offense that averaged 33 points a game all the way to a SuperBowl win over a feisty Tennessee Titans team.

9.1996 Green Bay Packers
You want to cite an example of a balanced team, you bring up the 1996 Packers, This squad led the NFL on both sides of the ball, while QB Brett Favre was named NFL MVP with 3,899 yards and 39 TDs.

10. 1991 Washington Redskins
One of the most overlooked ‘great’ teams in NFL history, the ’91 Redskins were a dominant team that didn’t have the advantage of an easy schedule. They had two 1,000 yard receivers in Art Monk and Gary Clark and a rushing attack that netted them over 1700 yards. They cruised through the playoffs, beating the Buffalo Bills 37-24 to win the SuperBowl.

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