Top 10 Richest Tennis Players In the World 2016 List

Money has become a permanent part of every sports especially tennis. The tennis players earn cash through prize money but their major income comes through endorsements. This year Roger Federer has topped the list of top 10 richest tennis players in the world 2016 and the Russian beauty Maria Sharapova has occupied the second position.

1. Roger Federer
Net Worth: $140 Million
Roger Federer is known as the greatest tennis player of all time and is very famous around the world. This is the reason why he has the most impressive endorsement portfolio in sports including deals with the biggest companies like Nike, Rolex, Credit Suisse and Moet & Chandon. He is the second highest paid athlete in the world after Tiger Woods according to Forbes. He is earning 65 million just through endorsements and has a total net worth of 140 Million.

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2. Maria Sharapova
Net worth: $90 Million
You won’t even want to blink your eyes while watching this girl. Maria Sharapova one of the most successful and famous female tennis player of all time. She has done modeling for a number of famous magazines and has been the highest paid female athlete for years. With her talent in tennis and her amazingly hot looks she has been the first choice for many major brands including Nike and Samsung.

3. Serena Williams
Net worth: $85 Million
At number 3 is the tennis queen Sarena Williams. She is an top American tennis player  of all time. She has won more than 30 titles in her career, including 4 gold medals in Olympics in single and double categories. Her major sponsors include Nike, Wilson and Puma.

4. Venus Williams
Net worth: $81 Million
Venus Williams may not be as good as her sister in the court but she is still earning a huge amount outside the court. She is also a former world No.1 and has won 21 Grand Slam titles. Like her sister and Maria Sharapova, Venus has also entered in the world of fashion with her own brand and also works as a endorser for Wilson, American Express and Tide etc.

5. Rafael Nadal
Net worth: $50 Million
The Spanish tennis sensation Rafael Nadal is at number 5 on the list. For many people Nadal is as good as Roger Federer. Rafael Nadal has won many major events in his career and is the first choice of many major sponsors like Nike,Armani and Audi. Richard Mille has also launched a Nadal signature watch with a very expensive price tag.

6. Andy Murray
Net worth: $38 Million
Andy Murray is a world No.2 Scottish tennis player. The greatest achievement in his career is winning the Wimbledon championship after defeating World No.1 Novak Djokovic. After this win his Andy sponsors are confirmed to increase. Currently he is doing endorsements for many companies including Adidas and Rado.

7. Novak Djokovic
Net worth: $36 Million
Even being No.1 in tennis ranking does not means that a player is going to earn the highest amount of money. Same is the case with Djokovic who is still earning less then Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer through endorsements. Still his net worth is 36 million and has sponsors like Mercedes-Benz and Srbija.

8. Li Na
Net worth: $18.6 Million
Li Na is the only Asian born tennis player who has won a Grand Slam singles championship. After winning the French Open in 2011 Li Na endorsements increased significantly. She is enjoying endorsement from sponsors like Nike, Rolex, Samsung and Mercedes-Benz.

9. Caroline Wozniacki
Net worth: $14.6 Million
Another tennis beauty Wozniacki is a former world No.1 in the rankings.Caroline Wozniacki is a Danish professional tennis player.She has done modeling for different magazines and has also launched her own brand of underwears. Her major sponsors include Adidas, Rolex and Sony Ericsson.

10. Ana Ivanovic
Net worth: $8.2 Million
Ana Ivanovic is a former No.1 ranked tennis player in the world by WTA.She has done modeling for many magazine including FHM and Vogue, and has also dated some of the hottest bachelors in sports. Despite of her poor performance in the court Ana Ivanovic is still earning a handsome amount of money through sponsors like Adidas, Yonex and Rolex.

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