Top 10 Most Successful Test Captains in Cricket History

Being the captain of the national cricket team is an honor that every player dreams to achieve in his career. Cricket history has seen many captains come and go but only a very few have done something which has made them all time great captain especially in Test cricket. Following is the list of top 10 most successful Test captains in cricket history.

1. Graeme Smith
Graeme Smith is the skipper from South African cricket team. He is a left handed opening batsman who has led his team in 50 Test match victories. Smith holds the record for playing the highest number of Test matches by any captain. He has played 102 Test matches and has won 50 of them, lost 26 and another 26 resulted as a draw. At the moment he is the most successful Test captain in the history of cricket.

Top 10 Most Successful Test Captains in Cricket History

2. Ricky Ponting
Ricky Ponting is an former cricketer and the captain of the Australian national cricket team. He was an right-handed specialist middle order batsman. Ricky Ponting is the leading run scorer in both Test and One Day Internationals for Australia. Australian team has played 77 Test matches under his captaincy from which they won 48, lost 16 and 13 resulted as a draw. Australia has also won 2 World Cup titles under his captaincy. He is known as the one who build one of the most successful Australian team ever.

3. Steve Waugh
Steve Waugh is also a former Australia captain and the most successful one after Ricky Ponting who also has played under his captaincy. Waugh also holds the record of 16 consecutive Test match wins as captain. Steve Waugh was an all-rounder especially a very impressive right-handed batsman. Steve stayed as a Australian captain for 57 matches and won 41 of them. He just lost 9 matches while 7 resulted as a draw.

4. Clive Lloyd
Clive Lloyd is a former cricketer from West Indies. Clive Lloyd is one of the most successful West Indian captain ever. He remained as a captain for his side during 1974 to 1985. Under his supervision West Indies played 74 Test matches among which he won 36, lost 12 and 26 resulted as a draw. Even after his retirement Clive Lloyd has remained in touch with the West Indies cricket as a coach and manager. He has also served as a ICC match referee during 2001 to 2006.

5. Allan Border
Allan Border is a former Australian cricketer who has played the second highest number of test matches as a captain in the Test cricket history after Graeme Smith. He was a left handed dominating batsman who appeared in total 156 Test matches. As a captain Allan Border played 93 Test matches from which the Australian team won 32, lost 22 and 39 resulted as a draw.

6. Stephen Fleming
Stephen Fleming is a former captain of the New Zealand national cricket team. He is among the youngest captains in the cricket history being aged 23 only. Fleming is the most successful and longest reigning captain of the New Zealand team. He appeared in 80 Test matches as a captain of New Zealand team and won 28 of them. Stephen Fleming’s way of leading his side has been praised by many cricket legends including Shane Warne.

7. Viv Richards
Viv Richards is a former cricketer from the West Indies national team. he is regarded as the third best Test batsman after Sachin Tendulkar and Don Bradman by many cricket experts. As a captain he played 50 Test matches from which he led his team to victory in 27 and lost only 8 along with 15 draws.

8. Hansie Cronje
Hansie Cronje was the captain of South African cricket team. He is at number 8 on our list of most successful Test cricket captains of all time despite of being banned for life from professional cricket due to a match fixing scandal. Hansie Cronje played 53 test matches as the captain of South African team and was able to win 27 out of them. He died in a plane crash at the age of 32 years.

9. Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor is also a former cricketer from Australian cricket team. He retired in 1999 after playing 104 Test matches is currently serving as a commentator. In his career of 50 Test matches as a captain Mark Taylor won 26 of them which makes him no.9 among the most successful Test captains of all time in cricket.

10.Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan is a former captain of the English team. He was a right-handed opening batsman for the England team. Known for his quick judgement making skill Michael Vaughan served England as a captain in 51 Test matches from which they won 26. He was the captain of the English team that won the Ashes in 2005 after 18 years.

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