Top 10 Most Long and Huge Sixes In Cricket History

With the ICC World Twenty20 tournament underway, we all know what we really want to see. Big hitting. The shortest form of the game sees the usual subtle intricacies of the Test game swept away to be replaced with huge hits, frantic running and nail-biting finishes, as teams scrambled to put on the runs in just 20 overs. The teams battling it out have the talent on show to find the big shots that we’re all desperate to see but will anyone be able to repeat a feat, managed only once, and send a big six back over the pavilion at Lord’s

Our panel of experts takes a look at the top 50 sloggers to have walloped all and sundry around the wicket. However, this was clearly no easy task and there were men who failed to make the cut. Or the reverse sweep for that matter. In This video You watch the 10 best sixes in cricket history.These are the best best shorts and give the maximum Runs.

Shahid khan Afridi:

The no 1 long and Huge six is Played by Shahid khan afridi known as BOOM BOOM Afridi.He is Playing in Pakistani cricket team.

Chris Gayle:

The Second long  six has played by Powerful man Chris Gayle and he is Playing West Indies  cricket team.

Kieron Pollard:

The 3rd on most biggest six is Played by Kieron Pollard.He is also playing in West Indies team.

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