Top 10 Most Hated Football/soccer Players List

Football/Soccer players are very famous around the globe but some of them are hated more then loved. The list includes the top 10 most hated football players in the world. These players have earned there spot over this list due to their negative actions on and off the field.

1. John Terry
So the title for being the most hated football player goes to the English footballer Jhon Terry. Jhon Terry has been able to make headlines throughout his career but unfortunately most of them were negative. He has been fined for fighting in the night clubs, parking his car in disabled bay and for racism scandal against QPR defender Anton Ferdinand in 2011. He has also been in news for cheating on his wife and having a relationship with the girlfriend of his former team mate.

Top 10 Most Hated Football/soccer Players List

“Top 10 Most Hated Football/soccer Players List”

2. Joey Barton
At number two its Joey Barton. Barton is known as a criminal in the ground for his dirty game. He has received many red cards, made atrocious fouls and has been banned from playing matches many times. He just can’t control himself even out of the field and gets involved in controversies through social media with his opinions about different things.

3. Luis Suarez
Luis Suarez bad man image came out in World Cup 2010 when he stopped a goal against his team with his hand. After that he has been caught on camera while biting his opponent in the field. This guy mostly makes headlines for his fake diving in order to win penalties for his team. Suarez has also been involved in racism against Patric Evra.

4. Carlos Tevez
Carlos Tevez is a professional footballer from Argentina and a quite hated figure among the fans. Although he has stopped getting involved in controversies recently but his past has not been forgotten by the fans. First reason for being hated is his transfer from West Ham to Manchester United and then to their rivals Manchester City.

5. Ashley Cole
Ashley Cole is famously known as Cashley Cole due to his behavior. He was caught cheating a few times on his wife Cheryl Cole which resulted as a divorce among them. Other than that he left his original club that developed his skills for a higher paying club, he was convicted of speeding in a residential area, he has been misbehaving with people on his twitter account and this list keeps going ahead.

6. Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo is no doubt one of the most famous and talented players in soccer world today but being famous does not means that nobody hates you. Ronaldo has not done too much wrong for getting being hated its just that he first used to play for Manchester United and also he keeps diving all over pitch during matches.

7. Ryan Giggs
Ryan Giggs is a person with very calm and composed character. He has been away from controversies on the field throughout his career and even stayed loyal to his club for two decades. Th only thing that destroyed his whole reputation for being a good person was when he cheated in his wife and children with a affair with TV star.

8. Dani Alves
Dani Alves is a defender for Barcelona. Alves has been able to gain a high amount of hate from the fans due to his rough tackling. Dani Alves either does a dangerous tackle to the opponent for making him injured or cheats by faking his injury due to a tackle in order to get opponent players sent off or booked. He has been caught repeating this practice many time which has not only damaged his reputation but also of his famous club Barcelona.

9. Ashley Young
Ashley Young is also a English footballer who plays for Barcelona. Young is known for cheating in order to win penalties for his team. In 200 Premier League games Ashley Young has won 11 penalties which shows his talent at cheating. There is nothing wrong in getting penalties but only if the foul is original and by faking the fouls Young is also earning alot of hate from the fans along with Penalty kicks.

10.Nigel De Jong
Nigel De Jong has continued his journey for being hated by a number of people. He has moved from Manchester City to AC Milan but his dirty tackling technique has not changed. His two famous tackles are against Stuart Holden and Hatem Ben Arfa which kept both players out of the game for a period of time. This makes him the number 10 most hated footballer/soccer player in the world.

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