Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Boxers

Beautiful women are like a treasure in this world and when their beauty is combined with some extra ordinary fighting skills it definitely becomes priceless. Following is the list of top 10 most beautiful female boxers in the world:

1. Laila Ali
The daughter of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, Laila Ali is the also a retired professional boxer. Laila Ali had begun her boxing career in 1999 and made her presence felt at the international level not only because of her excellent boxing skills but also due to her beautiful looks. Along with being a stylish and beautiful lady Laila was a extremely good boxer. She retired from professional boxing unbeaten after 24 matches which included 21 Knockouts.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Boxers in the World

“Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Boxers”

2. Jessica Rakoczy
Jessica Rakoczy is a boxer and Mixed Martial Arts fighter from Canada. In her career, Rakoczy has won 3 WIBA World Champion on three occasions and two WBC lightweight Championships. Jessica Rakoczy is one of the toughest and most beautiful fighter in the world. In her professional boxing career of 35 matches she has won 31 and lost only 3 which shows her level of skills.

Jessica Rakoczy

3. Lucia Rijker
Widely known as “The Most Dangerous Women in the World”. Lucia Rijker is also one of the most beautiful and attractive women in the world. This professional boxer, kick-boxer and actress belongs to Netherlands. Lucia has been involved in 17 fights during her boxing career and has won all of them. Due to her stunning looks, Lucia Rijker has featured in many movies and has also proved herself as a very good actress apart from being an amazing boxer.

Lucia Rijker

4. Kina Malpartida
Kina Malpartida is the current World Boxing Association Champion in Super Featherweight category. Malpartida started her professional boxing career in 2003 and till now has been involved in 14 fights, winning 14 of them. Along with being a dangerous fighter, Kina also has been a Surfer. Due to her beauty, she has appeared on the cover of many magazines like Marie Claire and Vanity Fair.

Kina Malpartida

5. Mia St. John
The former WBC champion, Mia St. John is a lexicon born American professional boxer. Mia St. John started her career in 1997 and since than has been involved in 60 fights. She is often called “The Knockout” for her in-ring capabilities but apart from that she is a hot beauty that man dream about. In 1999, she appeared on the cover of man’s magazine Playboy to show her amazing looks to the world.

Mia St. John

6. Regina Halmich
This German beauty queen is one of the most famous and successful professional boxer in the history of this sports. Her success can be measured from the fact that she has won 54 out of her 56 total fights in boxing career. She faced a defeat only once in her career before announcing retirement in 2007. Apart from being a boxer, her stunning looks have enabled him to pose as a model for a number of magazines and websites.

Regina Halmich

7. Hollie Dunaway
Hollie Dunaway belongs to Arkansas. She started her professional boxing career in 2003 and even without having any amateur background she has built a successful career in this field. Due to her beauty, Hollie has been given the nick name “Hot Stuff”.

Hollie Dunaway

8. Ina Menzer
Born in 1980 in Germany, Ina Menzer is has build a very successful career both inn and outside the boxing ring. Ina Menzer has been involved in 32 fights, winning 31 while lost only 1. She has appeared in Planet Wissen movie to show her outside the ring abilities.

Ina Menzer

9. Lauryn Eagle
This professional boxing beauty belongs to Australia. Lauryn Eagle has not only achieved a huge success inside the boxing ring but also out it. She is a water skiing champion and due to her hot looks and stunning body she had become Miss Teen International in 2004. Her boxing career has just started but she has already made a pretty good impact in this field.

Lauryn Eagle

10.Melinda Cooper
Melinda Cooper belongs to Las Vegas, USA and is a very well recognized professional boxer having won the WIBA and IBA flyweight championship of World. Due to her talent, Melinda Cooper became the first ever female boxer to be licensed in the state of Nevada, under the age of 18 years. Currently Cooper is unbeaten in her professional boxing with 20-0. She has been on the cover of different magazines including Girls Life, Teen and World Boxing.

Melinda Cooper

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