Top 10 Broken Leg Injuries In Football History

Injures can happen in any sports at any time especially in football its a common thing. But sometimes things can go very worst and an injury can end the career of any player. Football is a tough sport in which even a bad tackle can break your leg in just a second. To make things more clear about what actually can happen in football here is the list of top 10 broken leg injuries in football history.

1. David Busst
David Busst is a former English footballer and the current football community manager at Football League One side Coventry City. In1996, he got his leg broken in a match against Manchester United. He had a compound fracture of his tibia and fibula and was never able to play football again. It took 12 minutes just to clear his blood from the field.

Top 10 Broken Leg Injuries In Football History
2. Eduardo da Silva
In 2008, the Arsenal player Eduardo da Silva got a tackle from Birmingham City defender Martin Taylor. As a result of this tackle Martin Taylor was sent out of the ground and Eduardo da Silva suffered broken left fibula and dislocated his left ankle. It took a 1 year of recovery before Silva was able to play again.

3. Djibril Cisse
Djibril Cisse is a french footballer who plays as a striker for FC Kuban Krasnodar in the Russian Premier League. His leg has got broken at two separate occasions once playing for Liverpool in 2004 and then while playing for France in 2006.

4. Marcin Wasilewski
Marcin Wasilewski is a Polish defender who plays for Maccabi Tel Aviv F.C. and the Poland national football team. He got his ankle broken with fractures of tibia and fibula when the opposition defender Alex Witse put a foot on his foot.

5. Aaron Ramsey
Aaron Ramsey plays for Arsenal and the Wales national football team. In 2010, Ramsey’s leg got broken in the Premier League when the defender of Stoke City, Ryan Shawcross tried to tackle the young footballer. It took Aron almost 9 months to make his come back from the injury.

6. Jacob Olesen
Jacob Olesen is a Danish football striker. While playing for his team in Danish League he suffered a terrible ankle injury and broke his tibia & fibula. After missing the football action for 8 months Jacob made his recovery from the injury.

7. Inigo Díaz de Cerio
Iñigo Díaz de Cerio suffered a leg injury in 2008, after a collision with the goalkeeper of the opponent team. He got his ankle dislocated and his bone was also broken from multiple locations but he was able to recover and come back to the ground.

8. Francesco Totti
In 2006, while playing in the Italian Championship against Empoli F.C, Francesco Totti suffered a serious leg injury. He was challenged by the opposition defender and Francesco fell on the ground which resulted in his injury.

While playing a match for Manchester United against Liverpool in 2006, Alan Smith got his ankle twisted while trying to block a free kick from Liverpool’s player. The injury kept him out of the action for 7 months but he was able to recover successfully.

10. Luc Nilis
Luc Nilis is a former Belgian striker who got his career ended in 2000-2001 season after getting his leg broken in a match against Ipswich Town. Luc Nilis suffered a double fracture of his knee and had to retire from the football after colliding with the goalkeeper of the opposition.

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