Top 10 Best Teams in FIFA World Cup of All Time

FIFA World Cup is the most prestigious title in the game of football. Almost 75 national teams have got the honor f representing their country in this tournament. But only a very few of them have been able to win the FIFA World Cup or atleast make an impact upon the fans of football. Here is the list of top 10 best teams in FIFA World Cup of all time.

1. Brazil (1970)
Brazil is the only team in the world that has played in every single edition of FIFA World Cup. The Brazilian team that played the World Cup in 1970 is considered to be the best team ever to play a FIFA World Cup. It consisted of some of the finest players of the game including Pele,Carlos Alberto and Jairzinho.

Top 10 Best Teams in FIFA World Cup of All Time

2. French (1998)
France was the host of 1998 World Cup who had not won any World Cup before it. The french team started the tournament with impressive victories but then was pushed to its limits in later games. In the final of the Cup they showed their best performance and defeated Brazil with 3-0 goals to claim the its first World Cup.

3. Italy (1982)
The World Cup started as a bit difficult for the Italian team but soon they started to show their real potential. Once they got their pace they defeated the defending champion Argentina, Brazil and West Germany to claim the title of being the World Champion.

4. Brazil (2002)
In 2002 World Cup the goals kept raining from at the opponents of Brazil. Ranaldo is the highest goal scorer in World Cup with 15 goals and 8 of those came during this World Cup. Brazil defeated Germany in the final to claim the title.

5. Argentina (1986)
Argentina won the 1986 World Cup with the help of one man Diego Maradona. Diego Maradona scored 2 most famous goals of his career against England in the quarterfinals. The first one with his hand and the second one after dribbling six English players.

6. Spain 2010
Spain finally won is first World Cup in 2010 after a very hard struggle. They lost their very first match but then came back strongly and defeated all the favorite teams like Paraguay, Netherlands and Germany to become the FIFA World Champion.

7. Brazil (1958)
Brazil has been one of the top teams in football since the early days. The team that played in 1958 World Cup not only won the Cup for their country but that World Cup also produced one of the all time great footballer Pele. Pele was only 17 years old at that time.

8. England (1966)
The inventors of the football England, won their first World Cup in 1966 on their home ground. They started slowly but then started dominating in the later part of the tournament. The defeated West Germany with 4-2 goals with the help of a hat trick from Geoff Hurst.

9. Hungary (1954)
Hungary team of 1954 is one of the greatest World Cup football team that did not actually won that World Cup. It included players like Sandor Kocsis and Jozsef Bozsik. Although they were the favorites for the tournament but lost against West Germany in final.

10.Germany (1990)
1990 World Cup is the most low scoring World Cup in history. Germany showed very good performance in early stages and then had a few tight matches against England and Argentina. In final they defeated Argentina with 1-0 goals to claim the World Cup.

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