Top 10 Banned Cricket Players List Due to Match Fixing Scandals

The match fixing has been involved in sports from a long time especially in cricket. There has been many match fixing cases against different players from different countries. Those players and bookmakers have received very strict punishments but still this trend has not been stopped in some moment we are share top ten match-fixing cases in cricket world history. Players provide the information about the match or do match fixing with bookies in earn a large amount of money against it but some of them get caught while doing it banned cricket players because of match fixing scandals. So here we take a look at the top 10 banned cricket players list due to match fixing scandals.

1. Hansie Cronje
Perhaps the most successful captain of his time Hansie Cronje was charged for match fixing in year 200 which ultimately resulted as a life ban for playing or coaching cricket. The Indian, Delhi Police had revealed this shocking news after intercepting the conversation between Hansie Cronje and a Indian bookmaker during the South Africa vs India series in Delhi. Cronje denied this allegation but later admit that he used to accept money from bookies against providing the information about the matches and spot fixing. He died in a plane crash in 2002 but this case remains as the top match-fixing case in cricket World History.

Top 10 Banned Cricket Players List Due to Match Fixing Scandals

“Top 10 Banned Cricket Players List Due to Match Fixing Scandals”

2. Mohammad Azharuddin
One of the most successful Indian captain ever Mohammad Azharuddin was accused for match fixing. He was charged guilty for fixing matches with a Indian bookmaker, Mukesh Gupta and was banned from cricket for life. Mohammad Azharuddin denied these charges and claimed that he is being targeted due to his religion. His name first came into highlights when in another match fixing case, the South African captain Hansie Cronje mentioned his name related to match fixing. The ban was lifted by Andhra Pradesh High Court but Azharuddin was never able to play the cricket again.

3. Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif, Mohammad Amir
It can be called as the darkest day in Pakistan cricket history, when the team captain Salman Butt and two bowlers Muhammad Amir and Muhammad Asif were charged for match fixing in a match against England in 2010. All three players were found guilty and were sent to prison and banned from cricket due to match fixing scandal for different period of times. All of them denied this charge earlier but now all three of them have accepted that they were involved in the spot-fixing.

4. S.Sreesanth, Ankeet Chavan and Ajit Chandila
On our list of top 10 Banned Cricket Players List Due to Match Fixing Scandals, S.Sreesanth, Ankeet Chavan and Ajit Chandila take the 4th Spot. During the sixth edition of Indian Premier League (IPL) the Delhi police arrested three Rajasthan Royals team player, S.Sreesanth, Ankeet Chavan and Ajit Chandila along with 12 bookies under the charge of spot-fixing. The Delhi police had strong evidences against all these player and this has become a very crucial match-fixing scandal in cricket world history.

5. Saleem Malik
Another Pakistani player who had made highlights in news due to match-fixing scandal. The former Pakistani captain was accused of bribery and was banned from playing cricket. The ban was lifted after being proved innocent but he was caught again in spot-fixing and his career ended in a disgrace. Saleem Malik was the first ever cricketer to be sent to a jail. The names of some other team fellows were also included in this case but due to lack of evidence they were released from the charges.

6. Ajay Jadeja
Another Indian player who faced a ban from cricket due to match-fixing is Ajay Jadeja. After the arrest of Mohammad Azharuddin in spot-fixing case, Ajay Jadeja was also found as a partner in ths crime and faced a 5 years ban from cricket due to leaking match information and spot-fixing for money. Ajay Jadeja was found to have close contacts with the Indian bookies that were involved in the Hansie Cronje and Mohammad Azharuddin match-fixing case.

7. Marlon Samuels
The West Indian all-rounder Marlon Samuels has also been found guilty in match-fixing. The Indian police had charged him for leaking information about the team tactics to the bookies during the series in 2007 against India. As a result, Marlon Samuels had to face a two years ban from the cricket. Samuels has always denied this about his involvement in the scandal and he was able to make a successful comeback in the team after the completion of two years ban.

8. Maurice Odumbe
The former captain of Kenya national team face a five years ban from cricket after being found guilty for leaking match information and match fixing with an Indian bookmaker. When the allegation was proved the Kenyan Cricket Association (KCA) banned him for 5 years from playing cricket.

9. Mark Waugh and Shane Warne
Two cricket legends Mark Waugh and Shane Warne were found involved in supplying information about pitch, weather and team squad to Indian bookies in 1994 during a tour to Sri Lanka. Due to his both players were fined by the Australian Cricket Board (ACB) but luckily they did not had to face the ban from cricket for this.

10.Herschelle Gibbs
One of the best fielders in the cricket history Herschelle Gibbs came into news when he was accused for match fixing along with Hansie Cronje. Gibbs is mostly known for two things, first he is the first ever player to hit six sixes in one over in One Day International cricket and second for dropping a catch in a World Cup game against Australian in 1999. He was fined and faced a six months ban from cricket. This gives him the 10th spot on our list of top 10 banned cricket players List due to match fixing scandals.

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