The 10 Best Space Games of All Time

We all like to play different type of games. The games let most of us live in our fantasy world we dream about. People who want to be cricketer play cricket games, football fans play football games and so on. People who want to travel in space, explore new worlds and fight against the evil aliens play the games relevant to Space. Below is the list of the 10 best space games of all time which are loved by every space games fans.

1. Space Invaders (1978)
Space Invader can be called the most iconic and revolutionary  game of its time. It may not have the graphic effects like the modern games but still is one of the most popular space game of all time. The game was introduced in 1978 and even after all these long years it still has a unique place in gaming industry thanks to its pixelated alien graphic iconic images.

The 10 Best Space Games of All Time

“The 10 Best Space Games of All Time”

2. Metroid (1986)
All the eleven games of Metroid series have been successful but it was the first classic Metroid where it all begin. This was the first space game to be introduced with a concept of power ups to players. The game is still considered as one of the all time favorites by many space game lovers.

3. Asteroids (1979)
After its release of Asteroids it became the highest selling game of all time for its manufacturers. Method of playing the game was quite simple, you have to destroy everything visible on you screen other than your own ship before they hit your ship. After looking at its success this game has been modified and re-released on numerous occasions.

4. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (2003)
Knights of the Old Republic can perhaps be called the best Star Wars game ever. The game revolutionized the role-playing games genre and received alot of appreciations as well as many best game awards. After this game, the future games kept getting better and better but this remains in the minds of gamers as a classic.

5. Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect 2 gets the fifth place among the 10 best space games of all time. The first original version of the game was impressive but this series made its impact after the release of Mass Effect 2. The game included new characters, storyline and character customization options etc.

6. System Shock 2 (1999)
Although the game may not have achieved the market success that it was supposed to do but was appreciated by many critics who considered the game to be ahead of its time. The System Shock 2 is still a very good game to play with many twists in it.

7. Starcraft II (2010)
The Starcraft II is a game released by Blizzard Entertainment. The original was released in 1998 and it became successful but when the squeal Starcraft II was released after twelve years in 2010 it just went on top of everyone. The game is has superb graphics and keeps the players involved the game.

8. Dead Space 2 (2011)
The Dead Space 2 can be named as one of the all time best action/horror game. The first edition of the game was released in 2008 which made a very huge impact in the gaming market and the second part did not disappointed anyone too. The Dead Space 2 took everything from the first part and improved it to take it further on the next level.

9. Halo 4 (2012)
The 343 Industries released the fourth part of Halo in 2012 and it did not disappointed the fans of the original games. Features like improved graphics, interesting mission and improved multi-player gaming makes the Halo 4 irresistible. The Halo 4 was among the top three most played games on Xbox live in 2012.

10.Star Fox 64 3D (2010)
The Star Fox 64 3D released in 2010 is a remake if Star Fox 64. The game was released by Nintendo and is on the 10th position among the 10 best space games of all time. The game has received much appreciation but is considered to be too similar to the original one and players suggest that new content should have been included. Even after this Star Fox 64 3D is still a very impressive space game to play.

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