Most Runs in Test without Century/Hundred – Top Ten Players

Scoring centuries in cricket is a dream of every batsman. Some players have scored dozen of centuries but some of them were never able to score even a single hundred. Following is the list of most runs in Test without century/hundred-top ten players.

1. Shane Warne
The one of the greatest bowler in cricket history was perhaps not so impressive with his batting in Test cricket. The former Australian cricketer played 145 Test matches but was never able to score a century even after 199 innings. His career highest score is 99 runs, just 1 run short from a hundred.

Most Runs in Test without Century/Hundred - Top Ten Players
“Most Runs in Test without Century/Hundred – Top Ten Players”

2. Chetan Chauhan
The former Indian opening batsman and a right arm off spinner Chetan Chauhan is at the second spot over our list of top ten players with most runs in Test cricket without any Century/Hundred. Maybe the reason for it was that he played only 40 Test matches with 68 innings in his career. His highest score in Test is 97 runs and scored total 2084 runs in Test.

3. Deryck Murray
Deryck Murray is a former cricketer from West Indies national team. He was a right handed wicket-keeper batsman who played 62 Test matches for his side while scoring 1993 runs. His career ended without scoring even a single hundred with a career best of 91 runs.

4. Malcolm Marshall
At number four on the list its again another player from West Indies cricket team. He was a superb right arm Fast bowler and a middle order batsman. But he was never able to score even a single century in his Test career of 81 matches. His highest score is 92 runs which gives him the 4th position among the mos runs scorers in Test without a Century.

5. John Emburey
Here coes the first english player on the list at 5th Spot. The former captain of England national team, John Emburey was an off break bowler and a right handed batsman. He played 64 Test matches during his career and scored 1713 runs with a career best of 75 runs.

6. Kenneth Mackay
The Australian cricketer, Kenneth Mackay played 37 Test matches for his national team but failed to score any century/hundred which gives him the sixth spot over the list of top 10 players with most runs in Test cricket without a century/hundred. Kenneth Mackay was a left handed batsman who has a career best score of 89 runs in Test matches without any Century.

7. Brett Lee
One of the fastest bowlers in cricket history, Brett Lee is a former Australian cricketer. He was a fast bowler and a useful lower-order batsman. After playing 76 Test matches in his career Brett was never able to score a century. His total runs in Test matches are 1451 with highest score of 64.

8. Fred Titmus
The second English cricketer on the list is Fred Titmus. Having professional Test career of 53 matches and 1449 runs Fred Titmus was not able to score any century throughout his career. Fred was often considered as a all-rounder due to his good performances in both departments.

9. Mike Brearley
Mike Brearley is also a former cricketer from English national cricket team. Mike Brearley played only 39 matches in his Test career and was the captain of his side in 31 of them. The right handed batsman 1442 runs in Test without any century while his career best score is 91 runs.

10. Curtly Ambrose
The last spot on out list of top ten players with most runs in Test without century/hundred goes to Curtly Ambrose. The West Indian fast bowler played 98 Test matches while scoring 1439 runs but never got the chance to score a hundred. His career best is 53 runs after 145 innings.

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