Highest Paid Managers in Football 2016-17

Highest Paid Football Managers net worth: Jose Mourinho is the highest paid football manager as of 2016-17, according to France Football magazine.The Real Madrid manager topped the managers’ rich list with an income of €13.5 million, ahead of Barcelona’s Pep Guardiola with €10.5 million. While FC Barcelona’s Argentina international, Lionel Messi topped the Footballer’s rich list with an income of €31 million.Messi’s income is from his salary and publicity deals in 2016-17.

Messi’s income, while making him the top paid footballer in the world, still falls a long way short of Tiger Woods, who with a revenue of 53mn euros is the highest paid sportsman of them all. The Premier League appears the most lucrative league of all with seven representatives in the top 20 list of highest paid players.

Highest Paid Managers in Football 2013-14

Highest Paid Managers in Football 2013-14 1


Below is the list of highest paid managers in the world, the report was publish back in March 2013, but since than Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho has joined Bayern Munich and Chelsea respectively and their salaries are were reported in the list in Francefootball.

1 Jose Mourinho  Chelsea €16.3m  
2 Carlo Ancolotti  PSG €13.5m
Pep Guardiola  Bayern Munich €12M  
4 Marcelo Lippi  Guangzhou €10m  
5 Alex Ferguson  Retired €9.4m  
Arsene Wenger  Arsenal €9.3m  
7 Guus Hiddink  Anzh €8.3m  
8 Roberto Mancini  No Club €8.0m  
9 Fabio Capello  Fabio Capello €7.3m  
10 Tito Vilanova  Tito Vilanova €7m  

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