Best Fielders in Cricket History

Cricket has such a long history that it’s tough to talk about all of it, and I am sure it’s not going to attract you as well. So lets just start our history from seventies and early eighties when a bowler used to dismiss a batsman, jump with joy for a second or two and then… went back to his bowling mark. All his team mates (the fielders) used to clap from their fielding positions. What I am trying to figure here is, in those days, there were no team gatherings around the pitch whenever a wicket fell. Everyone played the game as if it was their job and went quietly about it.

Best Fielders in Cricket HistoryBest Fielders in Cricket aHistory

This is an article where we look at some of the best fielders in International cricket today, and eventually find who are the top 5 in them..

1. Dwayne Bravo :
This young man of 23 years is probably the brightest star in West Indies cricket right now. He can bat, he can bowl and he can field brilliantly, but where he lacks is his temperament. There has been so many examples where he gets over exited and misses a chance but having said that, Bravo can easily prove to be a man of future for West Indies..

2. Kevin Pietersen :
This South Africa born, England batsman tries very hard on the field and by one look at him, you will know that he wants to see himself among the best fielders in International cricket, but I am not even including him among the “very good fielders” because he lacks instinct. All brilliant fielders can anticipate what is happening on the cricket pitch and act accordingly but Pietersen has a bulky structure – something of a Hollywood actor but not quick enough to make a difference in fielding..

Having said all this, Kevin Pietersen seems to have the WANT to become one of the best and by the time I make the second such a list, I am sure he will be much improved fielder. All he needs is to lose some weight and concentrate more on fielding than advertising and his girl friends..!!

3. Devon Smith :
I am sure not many cricket lovers around the World know about this West Indian middle order batsman, but in caribbean, he is yet another Vivian Richards in making. Smith wants to smack every ball into the stands and this makes him sit out of West Indies eleven most of the times. And thus – he fails to make a mark by his brilliant fielding abilities.

4. Suresh Raina :
This youngster from India should have been in the next list but I have decided to include him here because he is yet to be a regular into Indian team. And thus, his fielding abilities don’t show. But what I would like to mention here is that in the very first 3 ODI’s that Raina played for India, he made three run outs… Raina is from MP, same as Mohammad Kaif and seems to copy everything about him.

5. Nathan Astle :
Well, he is 35 years old now and his fielding is suffering.. probably when we make such a list next time, this New Zealand batsman will not be there, or may be out of New Zealand team as well, but as of now, he still is a name which should be mentioned.

6. Upul Chandana :
When was the last time he played for Sri Lanka… Well, on 12th November 2005 and that is why this very good Sri Lankan fielder at this spot – not above. He has been playing for Sri Lanka for 12 years now but never was able to cement his place and thus, misses a chance to make it better in this list of brilliant fielders.

I feel like including names like Shoaib Mallik and Imran Nazir as not a single Pakistani fielder has been mentioned. But frankly, they aren’t that good as yet. Pakistan seem to find very good batsmen and great bowlers, but fielding still remains to be improved.

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