Wimbledon Tickets For Buy or Sell Wimbledon 2013 Tickets

Wimbledon Tickets For Buy or Sell Wimbledon 2013 Tickets.Wimbledon Tickets on sale now for tennis fans how wanna watch big grand event live in stadium they must bought tickets from official buyers or sale managers after these information approval.

Tickets to the four Grand Slam Tournaments of tennis are hard to get, but Wimbledon tickets are perhaps the most difficult to secure. The Championships, Wimbledon has become synonymous with prestigious pro tennis, and every player on the ATP Tour wants to win at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in London.

Wimbledon Tickets – About the Tournament

Along with the other four Grand Slam tennis events, the U.S. Open, the Australian Open, and the French Open, Wimbledon is considered to be one of the most important tournaments to tennis pros and fans alike. Tennis tickets to see the matches at Wimbledon in June are the hardest to get in all the ATP Tour.

Wimbledon Tickets – Why Go to Wimbledon?

Seeing tennis played on the famous grass at Wimbledon is something that every fan of sports ought to do once in his or her lifetime. Of course, tickets are hard to find as seating is limited and Wimbledon is the most popular venue in all of tennis. That’s why we’re here, though. If you have an opportunity to see tennis played at Wimbledon, you should seize it now, and watch as the world’s elite battle for grass court supremacy and a place in history.


LTA = Lawn Tennis Association

AELTC = All England Lawn Tennis Club

Wimbledon Tickets For Buy or Sell Wimbledon 2013 Tickets

Wimbledon Tickets – Buy or Sell Wimbledon 2013 Tickets

Ticket Distribution

The distribution of tickets for Center Court for 2011 was:

Public including public ballot, players and members in LTA affiliated clubs and on day sales – 53%
Debenture – 17%
Hospitality – 9%
Others, royal box, AELTC members, press and media, players, officials, overseas tennis associations, schools etc -21%

The distribution of tickets for No.1 Court by for 2011 was:

Public incl public ballot, players and members in LTA affiliated clubs and on day sales – 70%
Debenture – 7%
Hospitality – 9%
Others, royal box, AELTC members, press and media, players, officials, overseas tennis associations, schools etc – 14%

Availability of number of Tickets

  1. Centre Court – 500 tickets Everyday except semifinals and Finals day
  2. Court No.1 – 500 tickets Everyday.
  3. Court No.2 – 500 tickets Everyday
  4. Ground Passes: 3,000 ground passes are available each day.

1. Apply for tickets in the public ballot

Introduced in 1924 the Public Ballot has always been oversubscribed.

Entry into the ballot gives you a place in the draw for tickets, which is done randomly by computer. You can’t request tickets for specific courts or day.

An application form for 2013 can be obtained by submitting a stamped, self-addressed envelope from 1st August 2012 to 15th December 2012.

Find out more about the ballot application.

Australian Open membership also offers the benefit of being able to apply for Wimbledon tickets in an AO Member ballot.

2. British Tennis Member ballot


Run by the LTA, British Tennis Membership provides a number of benefits including entry into the British Tennis Member ballot. See the link above for details about joining.

3. Waiting in The Queue

You can queue for tickets for each day of the tournament. For ground passes it is recommended to get there several hours before the grounds open at 10.30am. For Centre Court, No.1 and No.2 Court tickets people camp overnight in Wimbledon Park. The queues for the middle Saturday (second day of round three) and the second Monday (round four) are the busiest so you’ll probably want to get there even earlier.

If you’re on Twitter, check with your friends in the queue for ticket availability updates, and also with the Wimbledon Twitter account.

Read more about the queue in a A Newbies Guide to the Wimbledon Queue and from the Wimbledon website.

Tickets available to those who queue

  • Center Court – Approximately 500 tickets on sale each day except for the last four days of the Championships.
  • No.1 Court – Approximately 500 tickets are available each day.
  • No.2 Court – Approximately 500 tickets are available each day for as long as a full day’s program of matches can be maintained.
  • Three thousand ground passes are available each day.

You can also queue for late entry after 5pm. It can take around 30 to 40 minutes to get in after 5, although if it’s raining ie no tennis on outside courts, you’ll probably get in faster.

All tickets bought at the Queue turnstiles must be paid for in cash.

4. Buying tickets online at Ticketmaster

Several hundred tickets for Center Court and No.3 Court are available for sale through Ticketmaster. In 2012 they were on sale at 9am the day before play.

Returned tickets for Center Court and No.3 Court are also offered for sale through Ticketmaster. In 2012 they were on sale at 12pm two days before play.

Details of Ticketmaster ticket availability will be communicated to those people who sign up for Wimbledon eNewsletters.

Tips for buying tickets online

  • Set up your Ticketmaster account ahead of time so that you can log in and be ready to buy tickets at the scheduled time
  • Add your credit card details to your account*
  • You will need the same credit card that tickets were bought with to confirm your tickets at Wimbledon on the day, so make sure the credit card holder is with you, and also has photo ID

*I tried to buy tickets with my Australian credit card and the card was not accepted. Although I haven’t been able to verify this, I believe you need to have a UK credit card with a UK address in order to buy tickets online from Ticketmaster. I am awaiting further information from Ticketmaster.

5. Resale tickets

This option is only useful once you have a ticket to enter the grounds.

Court ticket holders can return their tickets if they aren’t able to stay for the full day of play. These tickets are resold and the money is donated to charity.

Ticket resales begin at 3pm from the Resale area to the North of Court 18 in the grounds. There is a queue to get resale tickets, sometimes a long one so get to the queue early if you really tickets.

6. Hospitality Packages

Wimbledon hospitality packages are available from official Wimbledon hospitality suppliers.

In 2012 the official suppliers were Keith Prowse and Sportsworld Group.

7. Tour Packages

If you’re traveling from outside London to visit Wimbledon, a company like Grand Slam Tennis Tours offers packages with tickets, accommodation, a hospitality house, tennis academies and other benefits included.

8. Become a debenture holder

Since 1920, Center Court Wimbledon Debentures have been sold every five years.

The All England Lawn Tennis Ground plc, jointly and equally owned by The All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club Limited and Lawn Tennis Association Limited, uses the funds from debentures to meet capital expenditure. Since 1999, debentures to No. 1 Court have also been offered.

Each debenture provides the holder to:

  • one seat for each day of the Championships for the relevant court over the five year period
  • access to exclusive debenture holder dinning rooms and lounges
  • and the refund of the nominal debenture amount at the end of the period.

2,500 debentures were issued for the 2011-2015 series of Centre Court Debentures at a cost of £27,750 each (nominal amount £2,000 refundable August 2015).

1,000 debentures for No.1 Court were issued in 2011 at a cost of £13,700 each (nominal amount £500 refundable August 2016) for the 2012-2016 Championships.

Debenture holders are able to resell their ticket entitlements or the debentures themselves. Read more about debentures.

The most recent resale of a debenture was announced in December 2011 for £62,500. View recent transactions for debentures.

9. Become a member of the AELTC

There are four categories of membership of the AELTC – Full, Life, Honorary and Temporary.

Full and Life memberships are limited to 375, which is the number of seats in the old Worple Road stand. All members enjoy full privileges.

Honorary members are elected by the Committee and are mostly past singles champions and other people who have given special service to the sport.

Around 120 Temporary members are also elected by the Committee, which are renewed annually.

To become a member, you must be proposed, seconded and supported by four existing Full members, all whom are required to write in support of the application.

There is a membership waiting list of 1,000 which dates back many years.

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