Nadal was a Ball-Player, Granny Says

The current world no.2 tennis player and the US Open 2013 winner Rafael Nadal had begin to play with ball even before he had started walking in his childhood. This interesting news was told by Rafael Nadal’s grandmother Isabel Homar, to Spanish Radio. Maybe that is the reason why he is considered one of the all time greatest tennis players.

Rafael Nadal was a Ball-Player, Grandmother Says,

“Nadal was a Ball-Player, Granny Says”

Rafael Nadal who has recently defeated the world no.1 Novak Djokovic to win his second U.S Open title used to like anything that was round in his childhood days. Nadal’s grandmother while speaking to the Spanish radio said: “He started playing with balls in the hallway of his home before he learned to walk, He loved playing football and he was always excited when Saturday came around and he liked to play football just as much as tennis.”

The 82-year old grandmother also added that Nadal often used to break things by accident while playing. She said that she still remembers that one day her son and Nadal’s coach Toni called her and told her to come and watch Nadal while playing. Homar said that she was watching the Nadal’s final in US Open 2013 and was very nervous.

Nadal’s granny said that ” I enjoyed watching the first set but the second set was not good because I can’t watch him lose. I really start suffering and turn off the match mostly when this happens.

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