Top 10 Highest Paid Sports Women In The World

Sports have entered in a new era these days. In past it was considered to be just a way to stay physically and mentally fit but now it has become one of the greatest sources of earning a high level income. So by keeping this in mind not only men but also women are taking very active part in sports events. The female athletes usually have to work harder than men in this field that’s why they also earn a bit more than many men athletes. This article is about giving you the idea that which female athlete is earning the most these days. Below are the top 10 female athletes based upon their earning. These women play different kind of games at international level and are earning more than many businessman’s in the world.

1. Maria Sharapova:
Earning: 29 Million
Maria Sharapova is perhaps one of the most famous female athlete on the planet. She is a Russian tennis player who earned a lot of fame in a very short time. She has won a large number of titles in her career. She is also a model and a singer which helps her to earn a huge sum of money.Top 10 Highest Paid Sports Women In The World

2. Serena Williams:
Earning: 20.5 Million
Serena Williams has earned 16.3 Million including 5.3 Million in prize money and is currently ranked at No.3 in the world. Serena Williams has been the queen of tennis for many years by winning several tournaments.Williams remains the world’s most dominant player when healthy. She showed that in July when she won her fifth Wimbledon crown and 14th Grand Slam title overall.

3. Li Na:
Earning: 18.2 Million
Li Na is ranked no.2 among the top paid female athletes with earning of 18.4 Million. Li Na has shown great performances in recent years. She has got the skills and the talent. Li had a magical 2011 with appearances in two Grand Slam finals, including a French Open title, which was the first Grand Slam singles crown by an Asian-born tennis player. The win allowed Li Na to sign seven three-year, multimillion dollar endorsement deals with Mercedes-Benz, Samsung Electronics and several Chinese firms.

4. Caroline Wozniacki
Earning: 13.7 million
No. 4 on the list is Denmark’s Caroline Wozniacki, who earned $13.7 million. Although she has not been able to  win many major tournaments but she is still known as a very impressive player. She earns majorly from her appearances and sponsors like Adidas,Rolex and Sony Ericson.

5. Danica Patrick
Earning: 13 Million
Danica Patrick likes a thrilling life that’s why she has chosen the field of racing. Her good recent run has helped her to earn a very healthy amount of money. Danica Patrick has also signed a deal with Coke-Zero which is proving to be a great source of her income.

6. Victoria Azarenka
Earning: 9.7 Million
Victoria Azarenka is the current No.1 player of tennis in world but still she has not been able to earn the first spot in our ranking. She has earned 6.7 Million through only prize money. She has signed a new deal with Nike which is already showing a good boost in her total earnings.

7. Kim Yuna
Earning: 9 Million
Kim Yuna is one of the finest and most famous skater in the world. She won a Gold medal in 2010 Olympics and is currently ranked at No.7 in this list. She is also playing a major role in organizing 2018 winter Olympics in South Korea.

8. Ana Ivanovic
Earning: 7.2 Million
The former No.1 tennis player in the world has come back to the top after facing a dark period which her rank slipped to No.64. Her deal with Adidas shoe and apparel has also boost-up her net income.

9. Agnieszka Radwanska
Earning: 6.9 Million
At Wimbledon this year, Radwanska became the first Polish player to reach a Grand Slam final in the Open era and is currently ranked No.2 in the world. Agnieszka’s major source of income are the sponsors including Lotto, Babolat and Lexus.

10. Yani Tseng
Earning: 6.1 Million
Yani Tseng is a golf player who belongs to Taiwan. With her great skills and unlimited talent she has won many major tournaments in recent years. This success has not only given her the fame but also has improved her income. The Taiwanese star is on the verge of qualifying for the World Golf Hall of Fame, despite being only 23-years-old.

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