Leading Grand Slam Title Winners In Tennis History All Time

Leading grand slam title winners In tennis history all time players list here.The history makers players list in Tennis calender are very prestigious with the likes of Wimbledon, French Open, US Open and Australian Open are also known as Grand Slams or Tennis major events.list of men’s singles Grand Slam tournaments tennis champions. Some major changes have taken place in history and have affected the number of titles have been won by various players.in tennis game many players are come who they are become champions and proves their games in tennis court against a big crowed of fans. However, winning a Grand Slam requires luck more than anything. You need to be lucky if you can stand ahead of everyone at the end of the day.Still, there are some great talents, perhaps like Andy Murray, who have never won a Grand Slam. Murray carries the hope of an entire nation every time he walks onto the court. It might be only a matter of time before he actually gets a title. Let us hope that he doesn’t feature in this list for very long.we are talk about ten biggest crowed taker, trophy takers tennis players all time here below.

Roger Federer on top with total 17 title wins and Pete Sampras on second with 14 titles all time. on third Roy Emerson who win 12 titles so for this times and on fourth place Bjon Borg, Rafael Nadal, Rod Laver Total on same position with 11 titles on fifth position Bill Tilden here with 10 titles so for.

Leading Grand Slam Title Winners In Tennis History All Time

Leading Grand Slam Title Winners In Tennis History All Time

Top Ten Tennis Leading Winners In History:

Roger Federer Total 17 (Aus 4 – French 1 – Wim 7 – US 5)

Pete Sampras Total 14 (Aus 2 – French 0 – Wim 7 – US 5)

Roy Emerson Total 12 (Aus 6 – French 2 – Wim 2 – US 2)

Bjon Borg Total 11 (Aus 0 – French 6 – Wim 5 – US 0)

Rafael Nadal Total 11 (Aus 1 – French 7 – Wim 2 – US 1)

Rod Laver Total 11 (Aus 3 – French 2 – Wim 4 – US 2)

Bill Tilden Total 10 (Aus 0 – French 0 – Wim 3 – US 7)

Top ten tennis trophy takers list here we will updates more with every event so stay connected for much more updates.

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