Highest Paying Sports Events in World

Today we are discus about highest playing sports event and highest sports earning events in the world. We know that Sports game is playing and watching every one in the worldwide with different types. Sports basically made by fitness and control your self but now this time sports make a most Entertaining and earning game, mostly people involve in different types sports playing and get fame and paying. the most poplar Sports events of UEFA Champions League, FIFA World Cup, UEFA EURO, World Series, UEFA Europa League, Super Bowl, FedEx Cup, World Series of Poker, Dubai World Cup, and FIFA Club World Cup like that.

1. UEFA Champions League:

UEFA Champions League

$65 million

This time Football or soccer one of the most playing, watching, and earning game in the world mostly europe countries. The UEFA Champions League football this year title winner lifed the 20 pound trophy and a winning prize $65 Million to go along with it.

2. FIFA World Cup:

FIFA World Cup

$31 million

FIFA World Cup most poplar and most paying event of football or soccer, In the last time “FIFA World Cup” winners get $ 31 Million. “UEFA EURO” football league winners get the prize of $29 million.


UEFA Europa League

$29 million

“UEFA EURO” football event spain won the second Euro title against Itay by 4-0 in the finals. France will host the 2016 UEFA EURO football Cup and must be big event and high playing event.

4. World Series:

World Series

$19 million

“World Series” American Super Bowl event in the last time win the title of world Series winners is San Franciso and eaning $377,000 per player and get the champions winning prize $19 Million.

5. UEFA Europa League :


$12 million

UEFA Europa League football event one of the best ever soccer tournamnet and people realy like that. The Europa League plays second fiddle to the Champions League, but the money is still pretty good. Chelsea topped Benfica on a last minute of stoppage time header by Branislav Ivanovic.

6. Super Bowl:

Super Bowl

$11 million

The $10 billion NFL doesn’t pay its champ that much, all things considered. Baltimore Ravens players each made $172,000 for beating the San Francisco 49ers this year. That total $88,000 for the Super Bowl, plus aggregated playoff earnings.

7. FedEx Cup:

FedEx Cup

$10 million

The PGA Tour’s season-ending four tournament playoff series is funded by the shipping giant. Tiger Woods has won it. in last year, winning the playoff series and the final event (The Tour Championship), which earned him $11.4 million combined.

8. World Series of Poker:

World Series of Poker

$8.5 million

Is poker even a sport? Sure, there is zero physical activity (unless sweat counts). But there are also heavy helpings of psychology and game theory involved.

9. Dubai World Cup:

Dubai World Cup

$6 million

The richest horse-racing event in the world was created by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the 2011 Kentucky Derby winner, triumphed this year, winning the $6 million first prize in a race that took just a little more than two minutes to complete.

10. FIFA Club World Cup:

FIFA Club World Cup

$5 million

Brazilian side Corinthians defeated Chelsea in Japan last year in the international tournament that features the top club teams in the world. The 2013 tournament will be played in Morocco.

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