Chris Gayle 175 Runs Record vs PW – 22 April 2013

Chris Gayle 175 Runs Record (13×4, 17×6) Videos vs PW – 22 April 2013.Watch Chris Gayle bating 17 sixes & 13 fours total 175 score in IPL 2013 match against Pune Warriors at Bangalore, Apr 23, 2013.Chris Gayle bating full video vs PW full match highlights replay broadcasting here for free for watch and download from internet to iPhone, Ipad, mobiles, samsung galaxy etc.Chris Gayle Batting Highlights IPL 2013 Match 31st- 23 April 2013 here videos full match ball by ball updates for match witch Chris Gayle 175* (66b), RCB 264 for 3 help his RC team to reach highest best total of any T20 and IPL interesting match continued fans expect some thing more high from this bating legend.Chris Gayle 175 runs make history in T20 league IPL 2013 for any season and any cricket twenty20 game. this power hitter in top of runs scorer and in best betting match. fans are really upset after watch 17 six of Chris Gayle betting.

Aaron Finch stayed as captain of Pune Warriors and chose to bowl in overcast conditions in Bangalore. It had rained in Bangalore on Tuesday evening, and Finch backed his bowlers to restrict Royal Challengers Bangalore at a venue where the hosts have won all their games so far this season. Royal Challengers remained unchanged for the game; Warriors made three changes.

Warriors picked Mitchell Marsh, a medium-pace bowling allrounder in place of Ajantha Mendis, and brought in left-arm spinner Ali Murtaza for legspinner Rahul Sharma. They chose to play seamer Ishwar Pandey, the leading wicket-taker in the Ranji Trophy this season, in place of allrounder Abhishek Nayar.

Gayle remains unbeaten on 175. He gets the Orange Cap, which Kohli held: “I’m astonished myself. I think we’ve got a “good total.” All I asked for was a plain omlette and two cakes. Hopefully I can run around now and take a few catches.”

Some of the Warriors players, despite the assault to their senses, came over and congratulated Gayle. RCB have scored the highest ever score in all T20 cricket, beating Sri Lanka’s 260.

hris Gayle can shatter dreams. Ask Ishwar Pandey, the highest wicket-taker in this year’s Ranji Trophy who got smashed for 21 in his first over this IPL. Ask Mitchell Marsh, whose decent run with the ball this IPL was blown out of his memory with first over going for 28. Ask Aaron Finch, the third captain for Pune Warriors this season who bowled an over hoping to restrict Gayle but didn’t bowl again after being blasted for 29. Ask Ali Murtaza, a specialist left-arm spinner thrown into the deep end in his first game this season to be hammered for 28 in his over. The fastest hundred in T20 history was built on the misery of others, most notably a struggling franchise whose owners watched shell-shocked at their team’s bowlers being taken apart with a ruthlessness only a game of Cricket ’97 powered with cheat codes could have matched.

Chris Gayle 175 Runs Video Highlights coverage as Gayle’s assault was like playing a computer game with the cheat code on – 66664666644….we can go on and on. I need a catch a quick break. This has been entertaining and exhausting. There’s the chase as well! Join us shortly.

 23 Apr 2013 Chris Gayle batting highlights vs Pune Warriors, 175 runs of 66 balls (Video)  Chris Gayle against Pune Warriors: 175 runs in 66 balls including 13 fours and 17 sixes. End of.. A 30 ball hundred, the fastest century in the history of professional cricket, breaking all records.  Highest individual score in T20 history: CH Gayle 175*, B McCullum 158*, G Napier 152*, LP Van der Weshuizen 145 & C White 141*.

Chris Gayle 175 Runs Highlights (13x4, 17x6) Videos vs PW - 22 April 2013

Chris Gayle 175 Runs [ 17 Six, 13 Four, 66 Balls] IPL 2013

Event : Indian Premier League 2013
Match : Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Pune Warriors
Date : Tuesday, 23rd April 2013
Timing : 10:30 GMT | 16:00 India
Umpires : Aleem Dar and C Shamsuddin
TV umpire : J Srinath
Match referee : K Srinivasan
Venue : M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore

Chris Gayle makes 175 run on just 66 balls against Pune Warriors on 23rd April 2013. Chris Gayle hit 13 fours and 17 sixes. Today is the 31st Match of IPL 2013 between Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Pune Warriors that is played on 23rd April 2013 at M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore. Chris Gayle Fastest Century In Cricket History Off Just 30 balls. Chris Gayle set a new record for the fastest century in the history of professional cricket with an demolishing ton off just 30 balls for the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League.Entertain via watching the RCB vs PW Good quality Highlights. PW won the toss and chose to field. Gayle seems in forms and hits the most sixes in his innings. He made his 150 runs just in 53 balls.Something for the number crunchers. Gayle made his century in 30 balls with a strike rate of 333.33. Top score and number on back (333).

Chris Gayle scores fastest century in cricket history. Explosive opener Chris Gayle slammed the fastest century in cricket history, reaching the triple figure in just 30 balls during the Royal Challengers Bangalore-Pune Warriors IPL clash on Tuesday.  Though, the milestone came in an IPL clash, and not in any international tie, Gayle’s fireworks will be remembered by cricket buffs for long.  Gayle pulverised the Pune attack and scored 175 not out in just 66 balls and hit 17 sixes, most in a T20 innings, and 13 boundaries in the process, to send the crowd in delirium. This was also Gayle’s second ton in his IPL career.

Gayle also became the highest-ever individual scorer in a T20 game surpassing Kolkata Knight Riders’ Brendon McCullum who hit 158 off 73 balls against RCB.

By the time he had reached his century, 98 off Gayle’s runs had come in boundaries (8 Fours and 11 Sixes). For the record, he consumed 23 balls to reach 150 from 100, which was the slowest of the three fifties, giving a fair indication of what he actually did to the clueless bowlers.

Pakistan’s flamboyant batsman Shahid Afridi holds the record of fastest century in ODI (37 balls) while, Viv Richards is credited for scoring fastest ton (56 balls) in Test history.

South African Richard Richard Levi holds the record for fastest international T20 hundred. Levi had slammed 45-ball century against New Zealand in 2011 at Hamilton.

Gayle had, earlier, also scored record 50-ball 100 in T20I before Richard Levi surpassed his feat.

Gayle also beat the previous 34-ball ton Twenty20 league record set by Australia’s Andrew Symonds.

Five minutes from the start.

shakti prasad: “Just outside the stadium trying to get in, the skies look threatening. Expect thundershowers within the next hour.”

Vinay: “Bhuvaneshwar Kumar is going to be handy on this overcast condition.”

Muzaiyen Bijli: “Where is Mr.Zaheer Khan hasnt he recovered from the injury or he is being kept out by RP and unadkat. icant belive this is happening with zak. he surely needs to play some matches because he could be the match winner for RCB in latter stages of the tournament”

Balaji: “Why in the world Warriors are keeping Rasool on bench is baffling. Mithun Manhas presence in the playing 11 season after season is equally baffling.”

Ashwin: “Am 3 Km from the Chinnaswamy. The skies are overcast in Bangalore & a stillness in the air indicates a thunderstorm is on the way. Hope the match is not impacted too much.” Well I hope so too. When the first game is affected, it eats into the next and can be quite annoying for us covering them.

Mahesh M: “Good to see Ishwar Pandey making it today. Heard lot of things about him and taking him in my Fantasy team too….Hope he does justice to his selection…”

Ok, got the Pune team off twitter: “R Uthappa, A Finch, Y Singh, S Smith, L Wright, M Marsh, M Manhas, B Kumar, A Murtaza, A Dinda, I Pandey.”

The TV says it’s Ishwar Pandey and not Manish. So, Ishwar Pandey it is.

Toss: Aaron Finch will continue as Pune captain. Finch has won the toss and Warriors will bowl first. Royal Challengers are unchanged. Finch, well couldn’t quite remember his team properly! He said Mitchell Marsh is in for Ajantha Mendis and Ali Murtaza comes in for Rahul Sharma, plus one more change which he couldn’t recall. Finch, master of suspense, keeps us waiting…

We will get you the final XI as soon as we hear.

Anurag: “Damn! No Rahul Sharma! He was my captain today…my fantasy team is in dire straits now.” Imagine if Rahul really was captaining today..

PV Krishna: “Its high time pune look beyond big names/foreigners and go for young talent….see how players like Vihari, Mandeep are doing for SRH nd KXIP.”

Sahil Jain: “I dont believe Finch doesn’t remember the team. He just wants to keep RCB supporters playing fantasy waiting!”

Gareth: “I think both Finch and Yuvi lack a bit as captains. The only player I see with some T20 success is Steve Smith, who captained the Sydney Sixes to the inaugural title of the BBL.”

Chris Gayle 175* Runs Full Commentary Online:

0.1 Kumar to Gayle, no run, drifts towards the pads and he gently clips it straight to midwicket
0.2 Kumar to Gayle, no run, that’s a beauty! Beats him outside off, just a hint of away movement, Gayle prods forward
0.3 Kumar to Gayle, 1 run, off the mark with a gentle push towards mid-off, good away swing, doesn’t hit it too hard
Royal Challengers Bangalore 1/0   CH Gayle 1* (3b)
1.1 Pandey to Gayle, FOUR, poor start for Pandey, this was full and wide outside off and Gayle simply had to put that away, smashed off the front foot past cover
1.2 Pandey to Gayle, FOUR, 4.40: poor length and line again, this was shorter and just as wide, stays back and slaps that wide of cover and point
1.3 Pandey to Gayle, no run, Pandey is on target this time, Gayle stays back at the crease and defends
1.4 Pandey to Gayle, (no ball) FOUR, and it’s an overstep too! On the pads and easily flicked away to fine leg
1.4 Pandey to Gayle, FOUR, Free Hit: Attempts a yorker but it’s a low full toss, Gayle makes some room and swings across the line and it’s a four to deep square leg
1.5 Pandey to Gayle, no run, follows it up with a quick bouncer and he swing and misses
1.6 Pandey to Gayle, FOUR, a horrid over comes to an end, this was full and wide outside off, Gayle gets under the bounce and scoops it over mid-off, nearly a six
Royal Challengers Bangalore 24/0   CH Gayle 21* (10b 5×4)
3.1 Dinda to Gayle, 1 run, Dinda drifts a bit on the pads and he tucks it away to fine leg
Royal Challengers Bangalore 29/0   CH Gayle 22* (11b 5×4)
4.1 Marsh to Gayle, SIX, the first of many? Marsh bowls a length ball on middle and leg and he lofts through the line and clears long-on
4.2 Marsh to Gayle, SIX, goes the other way this time! This was wide outside off and he comes forward and scoops it over extra cover
4.3 Marsh to Gayle, FOUR, this was the slower ball and still wide outside off, Gayle stays back and moves his back leg across and awkwardly carves it over point
4.4 Marsh to Gayle, no run, swings across the line and he mistimes it to midwicket
4.5 Marsh to Gayle, SIX, they’re coming! Marsh errs by bowling length again, that too a touch too wide outside off, Gayle lofts over the sightscreen
4.6 Marsh to Gayle, SIX, Gayle’s on 50 already and it’s a 28-run over! Marsh pitches it up and with a free swing Gayle takes him downtown, down to the sightscreen, 50 off 17 balls
Royal Challengers Bangalore 61/0   CH Gayle 50* (17b 6×4 4×6)
6.1 Murtaza to Gayle, FOUR, tossed up and wide outside off and Gayle flashes hard and even an outside edge beats short third man
6.2 Murtaza to Gayle, SIX, tossed up on the off stump and Gayle gets on his knee and slogs over deep midwicket, no mercy for the left-arm spinner
6.3 Murtaza to Gayle, 1 run, comes round the wicket and he sprays it full and he squirts it to long-off
6.5 Murtaza to Gayle, SIX, can anyone keep him quiet! This was flatter from the bowler, Gayle gets on his knee and slogs it flat over long-on
6.6 Murtaza to Gayle, no run, Pune are appealing for a catch, he fires it flat and Gayle tries to mow it over the on side and gets an inside edge to the boot and it lobs up and the keeper takes the rebound, the third ump takes a look, replays showed the ball hitting the pitch before the boot so Gayle is safe
Royal Challengers Bangalore 80/0   CH Gayle 67* (22b 7×4 6×6)
7.2 Finch to Gayle, SIX, Finch isn’t spared too! He fires that flat and quick and Gayle gets under the bounce and lofts him high over deep midwicket
7.3 Finch to Gayle, SIX, this goes higher! Flatter one and Gayle stays at the crease and lofts high over long-on, nearly on the roof
7.4 Finch to Gayle, FOUR, this is carnage! Finch tries to fire that full on middle and what does Gayle do? Scoop it over the bowler
7.5 Finch to Gayle, SIX, full toss would you believe it! Gosh. All too easy for Gayle, those behinddeep midwicket had to take cover
7.6 Finch to Gayle, SIX, 29 off this over! Length ball on middle and he slogs it over wide long-on, he’s on 95
Royal Challengers Bangalore 109/0   CH Gayle 95* (27b 8×4 10×6)
8.3 Dinda to Gayle, no run, a rare dot ball to Gayle! Yorker outside off and he fails to dig it out
8.4 Dinda to Gayle, 1 run, this was full again and he squirts it out towards cover
8.5 Dinda to Gayle, SIX, Free Hit: It’s out of the stadium! Dinda bowls a friendly full toss, Gayle makes room and clubs it straight, it’s the fastest ever IPL hundred, beats Yusuf Pathan’s 37-ball ton and Gayle is on his knees! The ball hits the roof
8.6 Dinda to Gayle, 1 run, quiet after the storm, he mistimes the pull to the on side
Royal Challengers Bangalore 124/0   CH Gayle 103* (31b 8×4 11×6)
9.1 Wright to Gayle, no run, fullish in length outside off and he squirts it to the off side
9.2 Wright to Gayle, 1 run, this was slightly short and he plays a short-arm pull down to midwicket
9.4 Wright to Gayle, 1 run, another short one and he pulls this one to deep midwicket
9.6 Wright to Gayle, no run, it’s Test match time! Gayle actually shoulders arms and watches it through to the keeper, he needs to catch his breath too
Royal Challengers Bangalore 128/0   CH Gayle 105* (35b 8×4 11×6)
10.3 Pandey to Gayle, 1 run, slower delivery and he punches it softly to the off side and sets off for a single
10.5 Pandey to Gayle, 1 run, Gayle’s doing it in singles now, cramped for room a bit and he punches it towards cover
Royal Challengers Bangalore 136/0   CH Gayle 107* (37b 8×4 11×6)
11.1 Wright to Gayle, no run, on the pads and he quietly punches this one towards mid-on
11.2 Wright to Gayle, no run, this was shorter and he swishes at thin air, imagine if he connected
11.3 Wright to Gayle, SIX, even slower balls don’t work! Gayle stayed at the crease and lofted it and for a moment it looked like a mis-hit, nope, went a few rows over long-off
11.4 Wright to Gayle, 1 run, slower ball worked this time, length ball and steered to the off side
11.6 Wright to Gayle, 1 wide, Wright tries to bowl it short and wide outside off and it’s too wide, Gayle doesn’t push at it
11.6 Wright to Gayle, 1 leg bye, full and on the pads and he works it to the on side
Royal Challengers Bangalore 151/0   CH Gayle 114* (42b 8×4 12×6)
12.1 Marsh to Gayle, 1 run, wide outside off and he slices it past the infield and the sweeper slides and cuts it off
12.3 Marsh to Gayle, no run, Gayle swings a bit too early too and misses it completely
12.4 Marsh to Gayle, 1 run, bowls this one shorter and he swivels and pulls to deep square leg
12.6 Marsh to Gayle, SIX, on the roof! Can we have the ball back please? Marsh bowls another short one, Gayle pulls and it goes into orbit over deep square leg
Royal Challengers Bangalore 161/0   CH Gayle 122* (46b 8×4 13×6)
13.2 Wright to Gayle, FOUR, fires that full and wide outside off and he drives this hard past extra cover, bisects two fielders in the deep
13.3 Wright to Gayle, 1 run, stays on the back foot and he punches it down to long-off
Royal Challengers Bangalore 167/0   CH Gayle 127* (48b 9×4 13×6)
14.2 Murtaza to Gayle, FOUR, take cover! This was bowled flat and he made room and crashed it flat and wide of long-off, just beat the fielder and Gayle was concerned that he had hit someone. He’s done that before you know
14.3 Murtaza to Gayle, SIX, outta here! Gives it more air and Gayle gets on his knee and slogs it over long-on, looked like it cleared the roof
14.4 Murtaza to Gayle, 1 wide, bowls that far too wide outside the off stump
14.4 Murtaza to Gayle, SIX, can’t get enough! Length delivery on the pads and he bends and mows it over deep midwicket!
14.5 Murtaza to Gayle, FOUR, Does the bowler have any options left? This was wide outside off and he slaps it over extra cover
14.6 Murtaza to Gayle, SIX, Gets to 150! Tosses it up and Gayle gets down on his knee and slogs it over deep midwicket. He’s just five away from equaling McCullum’s record 158, at this same ground. Virat Kohli bends and salutes the big man!
Royal Challengers Bangalore 196/1   CH Gayle 153* (53b 11×4 16×6)
15.2 Wright to Gayle, 1 run, on middle and off and he quietly punches this one wide of cover
15.5 Wright to Gayle, 1 run, stays back at the crease and he punches him down to long-off
Royal Challengers Bangalore 200/1   CH Gayle 155* (55b 11×4 16×6)
16.3 Dinda to Gayle, no run, follows it up with a good yorker, Gayle drills it back to the bowler
16.4 Dinda to Gayle, 1 run, it’s a full toss and Gayle can only push it straight to long-off, he would have smashed that
Royal Challengers Bangalore 208/2   CH Gayle 156* (57b 11×4 16×6)
17.1 Kumar to Gayle, FOUR, Gayle overtakes McCullum’s record of 158! This is the highest ever individual score in T20! This was short and he swiveled and puled it wide of deep miwicket
17.2 Kumar to Gayle, 1 run, slower delivery and he cuts wide of point
17.5 Kumar to Gayle, FOUR, Kumar fires that one full outside off and Gayle stays at the crease and thrashes that to long-off, goes scorching to the rope
17.6 Kumar to Gayle, 1 run, this was short and wide and he nearly lost his balance as he chopped it wide of point
Royal Challengers Bangalore 234/2   CH Gayle 166* (61b 13×4 16×6)
18.1 Marsh to Gayle, 1 run, drifts on the pads and he clips it down to fine leg
18.6 Marsh to Gayle, 1 wide, this was a bouncer and the umpires aren’t being generous, he will have to bowl that one again
18.6 Marsh to Gayle, 1 leg bye, tries to work it to the on side, ball brushes his body and rolls away
Royal Challengers Bangalore 253/3   CH Gayle 167* (63b 13×4 16×6)
19.1 Dinda to Gayle, SIX, Gayle adds to his six tally! Dinda errs by bowling length again, Gayle makes room and smashes it over long-off
19.2 Dinda to Gayle, 1 run, this was a touch short and he mistimes the pull to the on side
19.5 Dinda to Gayle, 1 run, he gets away with a length ball as Gayle swings and can only hammer it straight to long-off
Royal Challengers Bangalore 263/4   CH Gayle 175* (66b 13×4 17×6)

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