91-Year-Old Sy Perlis Breaks Bench Press World Record

The 91 year old surprise resident Sy Perlis to break another world record with weightlifting champ stepped up to firetruck red benchat the front of the room with a light push, Perlis rolled onto his back, reached for the metal bar above his head and hoisted the 187.2-pound weight over his chest.

We’ve had a lot of lifters in their middle 80s, late 80s and occasionally we get one 90 and over, but they’ve never inspired people (like Perlis has),” Rethwisch said. Perlis began weightlifting when he was 60 but entered his first championship competition five years ago at the suggestion of his trainer.

91-Year-Old Sy Perlis Breaks Bench Press World Record

Now, he is a seasoned champion. When he competed in the division for 85- to 89-year-olds, The final lift broke an association record of 135 pounds that had been in place since 2005. Perlis won the state title in 2009 and world title in 2010 and 2011 in the 181-pound weight category. It gave me the opportunity to do something to test myself for one thing, and I didn’t have to run around to do it, as you would in some other sports,” Perlis said of his hobby.

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