Top Highest Paid Formula 1 Drivers 2016-17

Formula 1 racing is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. The drivers of these cars put their lives on risk that’s why they are paid a pretty good amount of money for it. Following is the list of highest paid Formula 1 Drivers of 2016.

1. Fernando Alonso
Earning: $30 Million
Fernando Alonso is remains the highest paid Formula 1 driver this year. The two time World Champion, Spanish Formula One Racer is earning almost $30 million annually through his deal with Ferrari.

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2. Lewis Hamilton
Earning: $27 Million
Lewis Hamilton is one of the most marketable drivers in the sports who has done endorsements for Reebok and Puma. He is a 2008 Formula One World Champion British driver, who currently race for Mercedes AMG team.

3. Jenson Button
Earning: $16 Million
Jenson Button is also a British driver who is the 2009 Formula One World Champion and race’s for McLaren. He was named among the “Men of the Year” in both 2009 and 2011 by Top Gear.

4. Sebastian Vettel
Earning: $12 Million
The current World Champion Sebastian Vettel, drives for Red Bull Racing team. Sebastian Vettel has made many records in his career and is at no 4 on our list of highest paid Formula 1 drivers with an earning of $12 Million.

5. Nico Rosberg
Earning: $11 Million
On no.5 at our list of highest paid Formula 1 drivers is Nico Rosberg. Rosberg is also a German racer for the Mercedes Formula One team. He is currently earning $11 million each year.

6. Mark Webber
Earning: $10 Million
Mark Webber is a driver for Red Bull Racing team from Australia. In his career Mark Webber has never won a World Championship but is still earning $10 million each year. He remains one of the toughest and best drivers on the grid.

7. Felipe Massa
Earning: $6 Million
The Brazilian racing driver Felipe Massa who drives for Ferrari is at number 7 on our list of highest paid Formula 1 drivers. Felipe Massa is earning $6 million each year even after not winning any World Championship.

8. Kimi Raikkonen
Earning: $3 Million
Kimi Raikkonen is a Formula One World Champion of 2007. He drive’s for Lotus and was earning alot more than this in past years. Now his earning is 3 million per year.

9. Sergio Perez
Earning: $2.5 Million
Sergio Perez is a Mexican driver from the McLaren racing team. He is quite young at the moment so it is expected that his earnings will improve with the passage of time and he will climb up in the list of worlds highest paid Formula 1 drivers.

10.Romain Grosjean
Earning: $1.5 Million
The Lotus F1 team driver Romain Grosjean belongs to France originally but lives in Switzerland. He is currently at 10th position on our list with yearly earning of $1 million.

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