The Undertaker Net Worth and Earning with Cars Images

The Undertaker Net Worth and Earning

Complete Name: Mark William Calaway

Ring Name: The Undertaker

Age: 48 years

Birthplace: Houston, Texas

Source of Income: Wrestling, Movies

Net Worth: $16 Million

Salary: $1,811,000

Mark William Calaway widely known with his ring name “The Undertaker” is one of the most famous and best wrestler in the history of WWE. The legendary wrestler has been trained by Don Jardine and made his professional debut in 1984. The Undertaker has been involved in some of the most brutal and famous matches in the history of WWE like Buried alive match, Casket match and Hell in a Cell matches. He holds a legendary streak of being unbeaten at WrestleMania where he has appeared 21 times and has never been defeated till now.

Career Titles:

  • 3 time World Heavyweight Championships
  • 4 time WWE Championships
  • 2007 Royal Rumble winner
  • 7 time Tag Team champion

Career Awards:

  • Slammy Award for WWF’s Greatest Hit
  • Slammy Award for Moment of the Year (2010) vs Shawn Michaels
  • Feud of the Year 2007

The Undertaker Movies and TV Appearances:
Along with being an outstanding wrestler, The Undertaker also posses very impressive acting that’s why he has appeared in a number of movies and TV shows.


  • Suburban Commando
  • Beyond the Mat

TV Appearances:

  • Poltergeist: The Legacy
  • Downtown
  • Off the Record with Michael Landsberg
  • America’s Most Wanted
  • Celebrity Deathmatch

The Undertaker Cars and Bikes Collection:
The Undetrtaker has been mostly seen while driving this bike especially during his entrance in the arena in 1990’s to 2003.

The Undertaker Bike

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