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Complete Name: John Felix Anthony Cena

Age :  36

Birthplace : West Newbury, Massachusetts

Net Worth : $35 Million

Salary : $1,743,000

Income of Source : WWE, Movies, Endorsements

Born in 1977 at West Newbury, Massachusetts, John Cena is a multi-talented guy. He is a professional wrestler, actor, bodybuilder and rapper. He made his wrestling debut in 2000 and has now become one of the most famous superstar in the history of WWE. Cena has won 11 WWE Championships, 2 World Heavyweight Championships and 3 US Championships till now along with an victory in 2008 and 2013 Royal Rumble.

Cena has achieved almost every milestone that is possible to get in this business. Due to his good looks, he has appeared in different movies and has also released his own rap album with the name of “You Can’t See Me”.

Major Titles:

  • WWE Championship: 11 Times
  • World Heavy Weight Championship: 2 Times
  • United States Championship : 3 Times
  • Royal Rumble Winner : 2008 and 2013

Movies and Endorsements:

Being famous has bought John Cena into the world of Hollywood movies and brand endorsement. He may not be considered as a very good actor by many people but still his movies have done pretty well business.

  • Endorsements:

    • Fruity Pebbles
  • Movies :

    • 12 Rounds, Legendary, The Marine

John Cena’s Car Collection:

John Cena is one of the highest earning superstar in WWE so he has plenty of money to spend. John Cena is a bodybuilder and maybe that’s why he likes Muscular Cars a lot. Most of his cars collection consists of Muscular Cars including Cutlass Rallye 350, Camero, and Plymouth Superbird etc. The collection does not ends here as his other cars include Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, Dodge Charger SRT-8, Dodge Viper, Pontiac GTO Judge, Ford Torino GT and Ford GT.

Jhon Cena Cutlass Rallye 350:

Jhon Cena Cutlass Rallye 350

Jhon Cena Ford Mustang:

Jhon Cena Ford Mustang

Jhon Cena Plymouth Superbird:

Jhon Cena Plymouth Superbird

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