Mohammad Asif Wins 6-Red Asian Cup of Snooker Title Doha

Pakistani IBSF world champion snooker player Mohammad Asif again win the title of 6-Red Snooker Championship of Doha Qatar. In the final round defeating Iran’s Amir Sarkosh by 7-4, the tough competition between with frame score of 43-0, 48-0, 48-12, 12-36, 30-34, 34-31, 40-09, 0-41, 0-41, 54-04, 41-13 in Asif’s favour. M Asif earier defeated India’s Laxman Rawat in the semi final by 6-2 with score of 61-06, 71-0, 37-31, 27-31, 36-09, 01-68, 58-08 and 42-30.

Mohammad Asif Wins 6-Red Asian Cup of Snooker Title Doha

Mohammad Asif Wins 6-Red Asian Cup Doha

After the Brilliant victory M.Asif said proud of me to playing for our country and only win for Pakistan, after that will played more then best perform and another more title to win for our nation. I never relaxed after becoming world champion. I felt sad when my commitment to the game was being questioned.

The huge numbers of snooker fans watch live final match at Doha stadium and enjoying the amazing game of Mohammad Asif Snooker live action. So Stay here for further updates about 6-Red Asian cup 2013 winners details on here available.

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