Usain Bolt to retire after Rio Olympics 2013

The fastest man in the history of 100 and 200 meter races, Usain Bolt has announced that he will retire from athletics after participating in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio Janeiro. During a press conference in Brussels the 27 year old Jamaican told media about his plans of retirement in 2016. Usian Bolt has already won six Olympic Gold medals and eight World Championship Golds and wants to collect as many more as possible till 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

While talking about his retirement Usain Bolt siad:
“So far it’s after the Olympics in Rio. If I’m in great shape and I go there and do what I have to do, I think it would be a good time to retire on top and having dominated for so long.”

Usain Bolt to retire after Rio Olympics 2013

“Usain Bolt to retire after Rio Olympics 2013”

Usain Bolt wants to end his career at the top. Bolt said that he wants to end his career as a sporting legend and he hopes that his body will cooperate with him. Although for most of the people he is already a legend but Bolt does not seems to be much satisfied with his current achievements. He said: “I’ve made up my mind that if I want to be among the greats of Ali, Pele and all these guys I have to continue dominating until I retire. I’m really focused on getting every season correct, trying not to get injured, and just continue dominating so at the end of my career people will put me among the greats.”

At the moment Usain Bolt is the 40th highest paid athlete in the world according to Forbes magazine and is also the brand endorser of many famous brands like Puma, Samsung, Nissan and Virgin. Bolt acknowledged that the 100 meter record of 9.58 seconds is very tough for him to beat but he definitely looks to improve his 200m record which is 19.19. Bolt thinks that he has mastered the art of running and if he will be able to stay away from injuries then he is hopeful that he will be able to set a new world record in next three years.

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