US goalies ordered to remove slogans from helmets

VANCOUVER: United States goaltenders Ryan Miller and Jonathan Quick have to cover or remove some words from their helmets that are in violation of International Olympic Committee rules.

Miller had ‘Miller Time’ on the back of his helmet on Monday during practice and Jonathan Quick’s helmet has ‘Support Our Troops’ adorned on his mask. IIHF spokesman Szymon Szemberg confirmed both players will be told to take those messages off their equipment because it’s the governing bodies task to enforce IOC rule No 51 that bars advertising, demonstrations and propaganda.

“We’re going to meet with USA Hockey to see what their thoughts are,” USOC spokesman Bob Condron said. “We don’t know if it’s a federation or a USOC situation.” The Americans will played their first game of the Olympics on Tuesday against Switzerland.

Earlier on Monday, Miller acknowledged knowing about the rules that prohibit corporate sponsorships at the Olympics, but went ahead and had ‘Miller Time’ painted on the mask he designed for the Vancouver Games. Miller said he had been informed to get rid of the tag line because it’s a slogan for a beer maker. But he’s upset officials are also taking issue with the words ‘Matt Man’ on his helmet because that pays tribute to a cousin, Matt Schoals, who died of cancer.

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