Tokyo to host world’s biggest sporting event Olympics 2020

Finally it has been decided that Tokyo will host the world’s biggest sporting event Olympics 2020. Tokyo defeated Madrid and Istanbul in the votes in order to become the host Olympics 2020 edition. After the official announcement people of Japan especially the citizens of Tokyo celebrated whole night. It will be the second time when Tokyo will host the Olympic Games.

After the first round of voting Madrid was eliminated and Tokyo and Istanbul qualified for the second round. But in the second round they lost from a large number of votes from Tokyo. Istanbul had received only 36 votes of International Olympics Committee (IOC) members while Tokyo gathered 60 votes. This is the fifth time that Turkey has failed to become the host of Olympics.

Tokyo to host world's biggest sporting event Olympics 2020

“Tokyo to host world’s biggest sporting event Olympics 2020”

All the three candidates for the Olympics were facing some kind of issue in their country like radiation concerns related to Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan, Economic crisis in Spain and Turkey facing the street protests and also a civil war in neighbor Syria. After analyzing all these situation the majority of the members of International Olympic Committee selected Tokyo as the best place for organizing the Olympic 2020.

An IOC member Prince Albert said that according to him the unstable situation in the country is the main cause due to which Istanbul has lost most of its votes. He further added that “The geopolitical situation certainly played a role, IOC members prefer surefire bets and Istanbul like the others was a really good candidacy. However, Tokyo offered a safe pair of hands. There is no problem with financing the Games, neither for the construction nor the organization.”

Tokyo ended-up at the third position among the cities who would host the Olympics 2016 which was finally given to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. But the good luck of Tokyo came into play at last and will now host world’s biggest sporting event Olympics 2020. The people of Japan are celebrating but on the other hand the citizens of Turkey are criticizing on this decision.

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