Pakistan enjoys historic Alpine Skiing moment

It was a day when athletes from countries not normally associated with skiing or Winter Olympics, for that matter, celebrated their extraordinary journeys.

Pakistan’s first Winter Olympian Muhammad Abbas, who learnt to ski by strapping carved wooden planks to his legs with nylon rope, finished more than 42 seconds behind the winner Carlo Janka of Switzerland but ahead of a San Marino skier and India’s Jamyang Namgial in the Men’s Giant Slalom category at the Whistler Creekside.

Competing in the event as the 96th skier out of 103 skiers, Abbas finished his first run with a time of 1.38.27 minutes, gingerly negotiating the twists and turns amidst cold and cloudy conditions. He was 21 seconds behind the top ranked skier Carlo Janka of Switzerland and finished 87.

In the second  run, starting at 87, Abbas finished at a rank of 79 clocking a time of 1:42.31. He finished with an overall time of 3:20.58 minutes.

Abbas finished 14.34 seconds ahead of last-ranked Jamyang Namgial of India and 5.18 seconds ahead of second last-ranked Marino Cardelli of San Marino.

Final result for Muhammad Abbas

Run 1

Start order: 96

Finish: 87

Time: 1.38.27

Difference from leader: 21 secs

Run 2

Start order: 87

Finish: 79

Time: 1:42.31

Difference from leader 22.16 secs

Total time: 3:20.58

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