German MotoGP 2013 Points Results 14 July at Sachsenring – Winner

Its summer time in Europe and the one and only place that every motorcycles race fan wants to be is Germany, at Sachsenring circuit in Saxony. You can enjoy the highlights of German MotoGP 2013 at Sachsenring on 14 July ,2013.

German MotoGP 2013 Highlights Full Videos 14 July at Sachsenring

Date: 14 July 2013

Time: 12:05 GMT

Venue: Sachsenring

The German MotoGP Grand Prix 2013 at Sachsenring is well on its way after the completion of the practice session on 12 July,2013. The qualifying round is on 13 July and the main race day is on 14th July,2013 at Sachsenring circuit in Germany. The 2 race winner in this season Dani Pedrosa is at the top of the table with 136 points while his closest competitor is Jorge Lorenzo with 127 points. Lorenzo is making his comeback after suffering a shoulder injury during a race.

Another major candidate for winning this race is Valentino Rossi. After winning 2 Dutuch Grand Prix a few weeks ago he has set his eyes on the German MotoGP Grand Prix 2013. He is currently at 5th position in standings and will be on the top of the list if he can win this race.

The Sachsenring racing circuit is located in Hohenstein-Ernstthal, Saxony. The circuit is absolutely awesome, the grandstands provide stunning views of the race action. The track length is 2.2 miles and the track width is almost 12 meters. Like past years a lot of action is going to happen on this track so don’t miss your chance to catch the highlights of this mega event.

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