IBL Auction 2013 Results Sold & Unsold Players List

IBL Auction 2013 Results Sold & Unsold Players List.Indian Badminton League (IBL) Auction in Delhi full updates results players list witch most expensive, highest paid total information is write her.Six Franchisee to bid from 150 shuttlers in first-ever auction of badminton players.The Indian Badminton League Players Auction 2013 will be held on Monday, 22 July, 2013, at the Shangri-La, New Delhi.

The auction will be conducted by the London-based auctioneer Bob Highton, who is well known for its association with the bidding and auctions of Fine Arts hammer. “The auction refers to the beginning of the season, the first of what we hope marked the beginning of the massive Badminton India. Edition will 2013 of Ebel featuring six teams, and it will be interesting to see how privileges for supporting each line-ups before the IBL. Said Dr. Das Gupta, Chairman IBL developments during the auction will be followed by badminton fans from all over the country and abroad, who can not wait for procedures that begin with “.

Saina, Chong Wei get top base price for IBL auction.The auction also had a dash of glitz and glamour with two-time Grand Slam champion Sania Mirza, Olympic bronze medallist Gagan Narang and actor Nagarjuna present at the over six-hour long auction, which was conducted by London-based auctioneer Bob Hayton.

The auction was the player also has its share of chaos and confusion and some details of the players screened during auctions were wrong. Bai and BWF order some players and mixed, while the development of some players in the women’s doubles section so there is no such category in the form of IBL tweaked.

Also, printing from the player list, which was distributed to journalists, and it was Lee Chong Wei citizenship given to the Indian.At the same time, he said, Lucknow Warriors owners Sahara India Pariwar they will change the name of their team to the and Awad Warriors. An official of the Sahara India Pariwar, “we will change the team name to the Warriors instead, but we will make a formal announcement later.”

World number one Lee Chong Wei, however, bagged the costliest deal when he was bought by Mumbai Masters for approximately Rs 8,019,032. The Mumbai franchise beat the bids of Banga Beats and Krrish Delhi Smashers.

Saina, one of the six icon players with base price of USD 50,000 (Rs 29,86,264), had stated that she would prefer to be either in Hyderabad or Lucknow team with a slight tilt towards her hometown.

Commonwealth Games bronze-medallist Parupalli Kashyap, also an icon player, was picked up by Banga Beats for USD 75,000 (Rs 4,455,622 approx), while rising star P V Sindhu was the big buy netted by Lucknow Warriors for USD 80,000 (Rs 4,752,664 approx).

In another interesting bidding war between Bangalore and Hyderabad, doubles player Pradnya Gadre fetched a whopping USD 46,000 after starting with a base price of USD 10,000, while little-known Maneesha was sold at USD 26,000, more than six times her base price of USD 4000.

Commonwealth Games women’s doubles champions Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Ponnappa went to Delhi Smashers at USD 31,000 (Rs 18,51,520) and USD 25,000 (14,93,125) after their base price was reduced from USD 50,000 to USD 25,000 following a meeting of all the franchises at the last moment.

World number seven Vietnamese Tinh Minh Nyugen and world number four German Juliane Schenk were bought by Pune at USD 44,000 and USD 90,000 after starting at a base price of USD 25,000 and USD 50,000.

Among others, Akshay Dewalkar (USD 36,000), Sai Praneeth (USD 40,000), V Diju (USD 30,000), Pranav Jerry Chopra (USD 36,000), Arun Vishnu (USD 26,000) and K Srikanth (USD 34,000) also fetched interesting deals at the auction, which was postponed twice in the past.

Notes to editors:-
1. IBL auction will be held in the Ganges River, and Tapti Vyas the halls, Shangri-La, New Delhi on 22 July 2013. The action will begin at 11:00 am exactly

2. Will allow the media in the auction room, followed by a press conference at the Shangri-La

3. Will be media conferences with the President of the IBL and / or members of the franchise taking place during the auction. The schedule will be informed of these conferences a day

4. And will allow Camerapersons and imaging equipment in the auction room and the media conference

5. Must all media representatives who wish to attend the auction-in recording media for approval before entering the auction room on Monday, July 22, 2013. Asked the media to record at least 30 minutes before the auction begins at 11:00
6. There will be restrictions on the number of media representatives in the organization who can register in order to ensure equal opportunities for all members of the media

IBL Auction 2013 Results Sold & Unsold Players List

Indian Badminton League 2013 Auction Results Players List

IBL Auction 2013 Results Sold & Unsold Players List

Stars from the world of badminton descend as franchises struggle rope the best of the best to achieve success and fame and victory in the first edition of the Indian Badminton League (IBL).

Now the real work of Aug. 14 and the highest stars featherweight fight IBL 1000000 $.

17:42 (IST) – with Ashwini Ponnappa being received by the Pistons franchise Pune for 25,000 USD, the Indian Badminton League 2013 Auctions come to an end.

17:15 (IST) – K Nandagopal, brother of the Thailand Open winner K Srikanth, obtained by the Warriors Lucknow for a base price of $ 10,000.

17:14 (IST) – Aditya Prakash Kumar and Rupesh selected constitute reserves By Pune Pistons in while snappled J. Meghana to have a base price of U.S. $ 400 by the Warriors Lucknow.

16:40 (IST) – Maneesha K. Mentioned due to local performance in line with the Warriors Lucknow buy her for 26,000 USD.

16:39 (IST) – Aparna Balan, who represented India in various international events and also won the national mixed doubles with V. Diju in 2006 and sold to win Banga for 12,000 USD.

16:35 (IST) – Pradnya Gadre, the current doubles partner Ashwini Ponnappa, sold for Hotshots Hyderabad for 46,000 USD. The base price was $ 10,000.

16:27 (IST) – Arun Vishnu approached from before the Pistons Pune,’s got 26,0000 USD

16:25 (IST): Indian expertise shuttler V. Diju, who is also a mixed doubles partner of the Gotha sack, obtained by the attractors Delhi for $ 30,000.

16:23 (IST) – Manu aromatic Masters bought by Mumbai at a base price of $ 10,000, Akshay Dewalkar got of before Banja beats for 36,000 USD and Tarun Kona sought by the Hotshots Hyderabad and acquired after bidding – spanned battle for 28,000 USD

15:55 (IST) – World number 4 in the men’s doubles – Joachim Fischer Nielsen – has been bought in the base price of U.S. $ 35,000, the before Pune Pistons.

15:25 (IST) – Delhi attractors’ aggressive buying spree continues. Malaysia has bought Bon Hyung January for 50,000 USD, double the basic price.

15:16 (IST) – Denmark Carsten Morgensen been the purchased by Bangalore in the base price of $ 50,000. The 29-year-old will be part of a doubles team.

14:55 (IST) – the auction is approaching now it’s the most critical stage with the governor being held in the ascent to tighten a little, despite the fact that they are fairly light after some very contentious battles. Remaining in the stadium are some very talented – though less famous – badminton, which can be a big difference in the tournament.

14:26 (IST) – Sania Mirza had just talked with members of the press. Brand ambassador of attractors Delhi says while she supports her IBL franchise to the nth degree, her heart still beats for Hyderabad.

13:59 (IST) – Four-time national champion Chetan Anand is unsold. He had a base price of $ 7500.

[IBL: Badminton Premier Indian] 13:38 (IST) – Tawfik Hidayat of Indonesia sold for Hotshots Hyderabad in the base price of $ 15,000. Do not fight, not a duel to the former champion.

13:29 (IST) – Apple is not just for those stars, but will also provide a platform for young players. With all mandated franchise has at least one young player, it is a golden opportunity for them to showcase their talents. Also, all players who can not find buyers go into the pool reserves will be auctioned again.

13:22 (IST) – big stars and players aside icon, has fought unknown Vietnamese Tinh Minh headed by Delhi and Pune. Purchased it at the end of the before Pune Pistons for 44,000 USD. The base price was $ 25,000!

13:10 (IST) – World number 7 Tine Baun of Denmark bought in the base price of $ 30,000 by the Master of Mumbai.

12:45 (IST) – aged 30 years has created a German shuttler Julian Schink quite a stir. Struggle to have her play them resulted attractors Delhi come out on top. A base price of 50,000 USD raised to 90,000 USD. It is currently ranked 4 in the women’s singles.

00:25 (IST) – How many teams in the IBL? Here is the complete list: Krish attractors Delhi, Lucknow Warriors, Pune Pistons, Masters Mumbai, Banga pulse and Hotshots Hyderabad. (Also read: rope desert in the former All England champion coach for the Warriors Lucknow)

12: 15 (IST) – Indian badminton updates’ – P Kashyap (U.S. $ 75,000) and play to win Banga Bangalore, will PV Sandhu feature Lucknow Warriors for 80,000 USD; has bought a mobile Gotha by attractors Delhi of 31,000 USD. (Also read: Sania Mirza is the brand ambassador of Delhi attractors’)

12:05 (IST) – and now the world’s No. 1 men’s player Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia was purchased by the Master Mumbai for $ 1, 35,000. This is more than the price even favorite Saina Nehwal (Did you know? Sunil tennis campaign, the actor Nagarjuna has bought stakes in Masters Mumbai)

[IBL: Indian Badminton League, Saina Nehwal] 11:50 (IST) and get offline auctions with auctioneer and the London-based Bob Highton start the proceedings. Saina Nehwal, with all eyes on her, and bought by Hotshots Hyderabad whooping 1,20,000 USD. Arguably the biggest star on the field, you may ace Indian shuttler said she hoped to play either to Hyderabad or Lucknow. That they should be pleased with this Jabbar.

11:35 (IST) – Ebel in Numbers

Money at stake in the IBL

1.5 billion rupees
Money at the disposal of the six concessions, 50000 USD Base price for the six icon players

A number of Indian players in each franchise

Number of foreign players in each franchise

A number of the new national player in each franchise

11:25 (IST) – Although regulators and other stakeholders have been installed IBL be exciting form of exciting sport, the tournament has had its share of rough spots with Auctions postponed three times.

11:20 (IST) – Apple has tweaked the international rules to make the sport more interesting and rivetting – both for the players and especially for the spectators. For example, the victor in the IBL be one of the first to 21 points in the first two games, unlike the rules established where he / she need to divide by two points.

Also, if the game goes into the decisive third set, and the match will be 11-point, not the final battle with 21 points as had prevailed. (Read: a new scoring system creates a stir)

11:00 (IST) – Indian Badminton League auction will be held today with nearly 150 players going under the hammer.

A novel concept, the IBL is set to revolutionize the sport in India as well as globally.

Indian Badminton League auction Result: Full list

Following is the list of players who were sold at the first ever auction of the Indian Badminton League here today Auction – as it happened.Franchises are slotted in alphabetical order.

Banga Beats (Bangalore) (Prices in USD)

P Kashyap (Men’s Singles) 75,000
Hu Yun (Int) (Men’s Singles) 50,000
Tai Tzu Ying (Int) (Men’s Singles) 25,000
Carolina Marin (Int) (Women’s Singles) 10,000
Carston Margensen (Int) (Mixed Doubles) 50,000
Akshay Dewalkar(Men’s Doubles) 36,000
Aparna Balan (Mixed Doubles) 12,000
Aditya Prakash (Men’s Singles) 5,000
Arvind Bhat (Men’s Singles) 7,500
J Meghana (India Junior)    4,000

Delhi Smashers (New Delhi)

Jwala Gutta (Mixed Doubles) 31,000
Wong Wing Ki (Int) (Men’s Singles) 20,000
HS Prannoy (Men’s Singles) 16,000
Sai Praneeth (Men’s Singles) 40,000
Arundhati Panthawane (Women’s Singles) 15,000
Boon Hoeng tan (Int) (Men’s Doubles) 50,000
Kien Keat Koo (Int) (Men’s Doubles) 50,000
V Diju (Men’s Doubles) 30,000
Nichaon Jindapon (Int) (Men’s Singles) 15,000
Prajakta Sawant (Mixed doubles) $7,000

Hyderabad Hotshots (Hyderabad)

***Saina Nehwal (Women’s Singles) 120,000
Taufik Hidayat (Men’s Singles) 15,000
Ajay Jayaram (Men’s Singles) 25,000
V Shem Goh (INt) (Men’s doubles) 10,000
Tarun Kona (Men’s Doubles) 28,000
Pradanya Gadre (Mixed Doubles) 46,000
Khim Wah Lim (Int) (Men’s Doubles) 10,000
S Tanongsak (Int) (Men’s singles) 15,000
Kanthi Visalakshi P. (Junior) 3,000
Shubhankar Dey (Junior) 3,000.

Lucknow Warriors

PV Sindhu (Women’s Singles) 80, 000
Weng Fei Chong (Int) (Men’s Singles) 25, 000
Guru Sai Dutt (Men’s Singles) 40, 000
K Srikanth (Men’s Singles) 34, 000
Sapsiree (Int) (Women’s Singles) 15, 000
Ruthvika Shivani (Women’s singles) 3, 000
Marcis Kido (Int) (Men’s Doubles) 15, 500
Maneepong Jongjit (Int) 10, 000
K Maneesha (Junior) 26, 000
Nanda Gopal (Men’s singles) (Junior) 10, 000

Mumbai Masters

***Lee Chong Wei (Int) (Men’s Singles) 135,000
Marc Zweibler (Int) (Men’s Singles) 15,000
Tine Baun (Women’s Singles) 30,000
Pranav Jerry Chopra (Doubles) 36,000
Manu Attri (Men’s Doubles) 10,000
Siki Reddy (Mixed Doubles) 11,000
PC Thulasi (Mixed Doubles) 10,000
Vladimir Ivanov (Int) 15, 000
Rasika Raje (Junior) 3,000
Sumeet Reddy (Junior) 7500.

Pune Pistons

Ashwini Ponnappa(Mixed Doubles) 25,000
Nyugen tien Minh (Int) (Men’s Singles) 44,000
Saurabh Verma (Men’s Singles) 20,000
Anup Sridhar (Men’s Singles) 6,000
Juliane Schenk (Int) (Women’s Singles) 90,000
Joachiam Fischer Nielsen (Int) (Men’s Doubles) 35, 000
Sanave Thomas (Men’s Doubles) 5,000
Arun Vishnu (Men’s Doubles) 26,000
Wee Kiong Tan (Int) (Mixed Doubles) 15,000
Rupesh Kumar (Men’s Doubles) 5,000.

stay connected for much more updates and players list results in every Franchise.

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