Pakistan vs Malaysia Hockey Match WHL 29 June 2013

Pakistan will take on Malaysia hockey team in World Hockey League on 29th June 2013 at Malaysia.Watch Pak vs Mal hockey live match score and goals highlights videos replay in World Hockey League 2013, Malaysia.Pak hockey team in new shape and now face to Malaysia experienced squad.Pakistan hockey ranking is going really on bottom from last year witch they are play in Olympics this tournament World Hockey league 2013 for the Hockey World Cup 2014 qualify round total eight teams are compete in two group stages.The teams are Germany, England, Korea, Pakistan, Japan, Argentina, South Africa and host Malaysia. top of six teams in event are qualify for Hockey World Cup 2014.

Pakistan team in Group B along with South Africa, England and team Mohammad Imran has been appointed as Captain, while Umar Bhutta, Rizwan Senior and Shakil Abbasi have staged come back. Other members include Waqas Sharif, Mohamamd Kashif, Imran Butt, Khalid Bhatti, Imran Shah, Fareed Ahmed, Mohammad Zubair, Rashid Mehmood, Rizwan Junior, Abdul Haseeb, Shahzad Abbas Haider, Mohammad Ateeq and Shafqat Rasool. At the same time, he called again choose each asset hockey Previous such Islahuddin Siddiqui, Shahnaz Sheikh, Samiullah, Mansour Jr. and others to step forward and help him with valuable suggestions they have made in raising a strong team for the WHL, which will also serve as qualifiers for the World Cup 2014.

Manager and chief coach Akhtar Rasool and coach Hanif Khan announced the national hockey team with confidence that the boys would play well and reach the victory stand to qualify for the World Cup.Former hockey captain and veteran half back Waseem Ahmed and fellow centre-half Fareed Ahmed are likely to miss the 8-nation competition due to injuries.

Pakistan will play their first match against host Malaysia on June 29.Second match of Pak is scheduled on June 30 against England and third match will be played on July 2 against South Africa. Final will be played on July 7.Finalist teams of the event will be considered as qualified for the Upcoming World Cup 2014 in Holland.

Pakistan vs Malaysia Hockey Live Score Match Highlights WHL 29 June 2013

Pakistan vs Malaysia Hockey Match 2013
World Hockey League 2013 – Group B
Date: 29th June 2013 | 29-06-2013
Time: 7:00pm
Venue:  Johar Bahru en-route Kuala Lumpur.

Pakistan 4 : 4 Malaysia

Match End = Final Score

Hockey Score updates at start time of match.

4 minutes ago JOHOR: PAK 1-3 MAS – Pakistan pull a goal back through Abdul Haseem Khan, who fires home a penalty corner rebound.
15 minutes ago JOHOR: PAK 0-3 MAS – Malaysia are in fine form here, and grab another with a penalty corner follow up from Mohd Jalil
26 minutes ago JOHOR: PAK 0-2 MAS – Muhammad Razie strikes again! Another penalty corner rips into the Pakistan net, and the home team are cruising
30 minutes ago JOHOR: PAK 0-1 MAS – the hosts strike first! Super low penalty corner drag flick from Muhammad Razie.
37 minutes ago JOHOR: First match of Pool B coming up … Pakistan v host nation Malaysia. Should be a good one!

Pakistan Hockey Squad:

No Last Name First Name DOB Caps
1 SHAH     (GK) IMRAN 25.09.1988 84
2 IMRAN   (Captain) MUHAMMAD 12.01.1979 195
3 ATEEQ MUHAMMAD 09.09.1989 55
4 IRFAN MUHAMMAD 01.04.1990 123
5 AHMED FAREED 28.04.1989 151
6 MAHMOOD RASHID 15.08.1987 72
7 WAQAS   (Vice-Captain) MUHAMMAD 03.09.1988 186
8 RASOOL SHAFQAT 10.12.1988 137
9 HASEEM KHAN ABDUL 15.07.1987 145
11 ABBASI SHAKEEL 05.01.1984 232
12 BUTT       (GK) IMRAN 16.07.1988 58
13 KHALID MUHAMMAD 01.02.1992 38
14 TOUSIQ MUHAMMAD 05.01.1995 27
15 SHAHZAD AAMIR 24.12.1888 20
17 UMAR BHUTTA MUHAMMAD 24.12.1992 42
18 ZUBAIR MUHAMMAD 12.10.1988 130

Malaysia Hockey Squad:

No. Last Name First Name DOB Age Caps
1 JAMALUDDIN (GK) ROSLAN 18.12.1978 34 191
3 CHUA BOON HUAT 03.05.1980 33 331
6 MOHD JALIL MUHAMMAD MARHAN 05.03.1990 23 117
7 SAARI MOHD FITRI 04.03.1993 20 45
10 SAARI FAIZAL 13.01.1991 22 114
11 ABDULLAH (C ) MOHD SHAHRUN NABIL 21.09.1985 27 200
12 ABDUL MUTALIB MOHAMAD SUKRI 24.02.1986 27 182
13 ASHAARI MUHAMMAD FIRHAN 09.03.1993 20 8
14 MISRON AZLAN 21.05.1983 29 308
15 MOHD NOOR NABIL FIQRI 14.04.1987 26 117
16 SUBRAMIAM (GK) KUMAR 26.11.1979 34 210
17 ABD RAHIM MUHAMMAD RAZIE 25.08.1987 25 146
18 JALI FAIZ HELMI 18.12.1993 21 30
21 SUMANTRI NORHIZZAT 13.12.1991 22 19
22 CHARUN SINGH BALJIT SINGH 22.09.1986 26 152
23 ABDUL JALIL (C ) TENGKU AHMAD TAJUDIN 05.01.1986 27 228


Pakistan hockey squad in new shape and tour with some youngsters, they are lost practice match on 26th June. so they have their Owen luck against host team Malaysia experienced team and big advantage of home ground. we hope best of luck Pakistan team and well wish that they are must win this match but stay connected and watch who will win the match?

Pakistan and Malaysia hockey game live updates published here with score updates, weather condition, squads, prediction and goals highlights, if any channel will live telecast match then we inform our fans other hand full replay coverage provide are telecast at end of match shot stay connected for much more coverage.

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