Pak vs Korea Hockey Match Score 4 July 2013 Quarterfinal

After dominating and defeating South Africa in their final group game, Pakistan has qualified for the Quarter Finals. Pakistan will face Korea from Pool A on 4th July 2013. The match will start at 7:15pm. Tune all the action including score updates and match highlights. You can catch Pak vs Korea hockey the match on TenSports, ESPN, SkySports and PTV Sports. Pakistan had a very crucial last match against South Africa. Pakistan won the match with a 4 goals lead (Pakistan 6-2 South Africa) which has certainly boosted the confidence of the whole team players. In that match Pakistan the Whole team members showed a very positive body language. Especially Abdul Haseem Khan who scored a hat trick and Mohammad Zubair who also scored 2 goals against South Africa are a very big threat for Korea.

Korea is coming in this match after not having a very impressive tournament as they lost their 2 matches from Germany (0-5) and Argentina (0-3). They only have been able to draw their one match against Japan with 3-3 goals. Korean players will feel under pressure because of their recent bad performance but they will have to bring their best game in the ground if they want to win this important match.

The game, and then was confirmed lineup quarterfinals of the WHL, saw Pakistan in the mood electrifying, and while ranked 12TH number of South Africa was opposed lighter, and delivered side Mohammed Omran Finally performance worthy of praise they receive from the experts who are in Malaysia.Set Muhammad Zubair things in motion, netting the first goal in the 13th minute before pounced to Forward Shafqat Messenger on a penalty corner save to make it 2-0 in the 17th minute.

Pak vs Korea hockey Live Match 4 July 2013 Quarterfinal

Pakistan vs Korea Hockey Match 2013
World Hockey League  – Quarterfinals
Date: 04 July 2013 | 04-07-2013
Time: 7:08 PM
Venue: Johor, Malaysia.

Pakistan Korea
3 4

Final Score Pakistan lost the Match

It was a great display of skill from the Greenshirts, they are known as known as Pakistan, and a throwback to the days when they ruled field hockey.South Africa launched a return of sorts by grabbing a goal in the 25th minute, but then I got Haseem Khan in the act and gave Pakistan two goals again before the end of the first half.If the escalation of the return of the men Austin Smith seemed a tall order in the second half, Pakistan made sure that there was no hope left with a half-second blitzkrieg. Fourth registered through Haseem Khan, who is associated with an increased carelessly with Muhammad Waqas.

Pakistan seems to be the favorite for winning this match as they have shown a far better team performance than Korea during the whole tournament especially in the last match. To win Korea will need a lot of luck and will have to produce be at their best game.

Pakistan Hockey Squad:

No Last Name First Name DOB Caps
1 SHAH     (GK) IMRAN 25.09.1988 84
2 IMRAN   (C) MUHAMMAD 12.01.1979 195
3 ATEEQ MUHAMMAD 09.09.1989 55
4 IRFAN MUHAMMAD 01.04.1990 123
5 AHMED FAREED 28.04.1989 151
6 MAHMOOD RASHID 15.08.1987 72
7 WAQAS   (VC) MUHAMMAD 03.09.1988 186
8 RASOOL SHAFQAT 10.12.1988 137
9 HASEEM KHAN ABDUL 15.07.1987 145
11 ABBASI SHAKEEL 05.01.1984 232
12 BUTT       (GK) IMRAN 16.07.1988 58
13 KHALID MUHAMMAD 01.02.1992 38
14 TOUSIQ MUHAMMAD 05.01.1995 27
15 SHAHZAD AAMIR 24.12.1888 20
17 UMAR BHUTTA MUHAMMAD 24.12.1992 42
18 ZUBAIR MUHAMMAD 12.10.1988 130

Korea Hockey Squad:

No. Last Name First Name D.O.B. Age Caps
1 LEE MYUNG HO (GK) 10/12/1979 34 175
3 LEE DAE YEOL 09/11/1989 24 64
5 OH DAE KEUN 11/05/1982 31 104
6 LEE NAM YONG 28/09/1983 30 206
7 KANG MOON KWEON 24/04/1988 25 87
8 LEE SEUNG IL (C) 21/12/1982 31 132
9 YOON SUNG HOON 16/02/1983 30 194
10 YOU HYO SIK 13/04/1982 31 228
12 JUNG MAN JAE 18/11/1990 23 65
13 KANG MOON KYU 24/04/1988 25 83
14 HYUN HYE SUNG 07/10/1986 27 86
16 KIM JAE HYEON (GK) 06/03/1988 25 86
17 HONG EUN SEONG 03/02/1983 30 188
19 KIM YOUNG JIN 29/08/1984 29 89
22 KIM SEONG KYU 20/02/1987 26 47
25 JANG JONG HYUN 28/03/1984 29 197
27 JEON BYUNG 11/03/1990 25 N/A
32 NAM HYUN WOO 15/07/1987 26 107

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