No team to visit Pakistan for Hockey World Cup preparation

No team to visit Pakistan for Hockey World Cup preparation. No foreign team is ready to visit Pakistan before the Junior World Cup, which is scheduled to be held in India in December.

PHF wanted some strong teams to visit Pakistan for two or three matches with the Green-shirts, which would be beneficial for both teams before the World Cup, but no one is ready for that, ‘The News’ has learnt.

Sources in the PHF said that all teams had finalised their preparation plans, and they did not want to play any more matches because they feared injuries.

The sources said that there was no option for PHF except organising a three-match series between the senior and junior teams.

The sources said that the team would depart for India on December 4 and before the main event would play two practice matches, against Germany and Canada.

PHF secretary Shahbaz Ahmed said the junior team’s training camp was in full swing in Lahore these days and that matches against Pakistan’s senior team and two matches in India would give the boys good practice.

He said that the dates of Pakistan senior and junior matches would be announced shortly.

Pakistan juniors head coach Tahir Zaman said that the team’s weaknesses indentified during a recent tournament in Malaysia were addressed during the training camp. He said the morale of the boys was high.

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