South African International Test Series – China

Breakfast was slightly different this morning as we welcomed the 18th player to the camp, Tsoanelo Pholo making a comeback to the national squad after a three year absence. Needless to say the extra legs were much appreciated by all.

A few players were rested at training this morning with the strikers and defenders working on specific skills needed for their respective areas. Soon after lunch it was time to prepare for the 4th test which needed more concentration as the heat and hard work are starting to take its toll on the players.

The game started positively with the midfielders competing well and the defenders in control at the back, with the exception of two unfortunate penalty corner goals before half time. The score was 2-0 at half time, but we had certainly created numerous attacking opportunities of our own.

In the second half the game seemed to open up more with them scoring three field goals and us scoring two; a brilliant turn-over by Dirkie Chamberlain in our attacking 25 resulted in a far-post tap-in by Cindy Botha. Our second goal came from a forceful step and turn-over by Marcelle Keet on the Chinese centre back, the classic wall-pass with Tsoanelo Pholo; Keet received the ball on the 25” and finished with a powerful shot from the top of the circle.

The coaching staff and team are happy with the progress we are making and we believe in the process. It won’t all happen over-night for us, so tomorrow is another stepping stone on the road to London 2012.

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