CWG Closing Ceremony 2010

CWG Closing Ceremony 2010

The bitter-sweet final countdown of the Delhi Games, which finally ended up delighting many despite the early scandalous hurdles, has officially begun.

The sporting event, which began with a bang with an electrifying opening ceremony on Oct 3, will culminate with what is expected to be an even bigger and better closing ceremony.

CWG Closing Ceremony Live-2010

CWG Closing Ceremony

The ceremony, scheduled to begin at 7 pm,  promises to a spectacle that no one can afford to miss with a 30 minute light and sound show, cultural and marshal arts programmes, and the awaited performance of 2010 children singing ‘Vande Mataram’ to culminate the 2010 multi-discipline sporting event.

Delhi’s celebration will reach a crescendo at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on Thursday as the XIX Commonwealth Games flag comes down to begin its journey to Glasgow for the next meet in 2014.

The 2-hour-15-minute show featuring 7,000 performers from all over the country, who trained hard for 25 days, will spread the message of universal love as the athletes from participating nations and territories march out as a one big family after 11 days of exhilarating action.

“The closing ceremony is divided into five broad segments starting with Agni that will showcase all the martial arts that originated in India.

Next on stage, enthralling the capacity crowd of 60,000 lucky spectators and millions around the globe, will be the Military Martial music, a segment which will remind the Delhiites of the ‘Beating the Retreat’ after the Republic Day celebrations. It will be followed by the ‘Tribute to the Motherland’

Tickets for the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games were sold out Tuesday night – nearly 48 hours before the actual event Oct 14, an official at the ticketing helpline said.

CWG closing ceremony tickets sold out

“The tickets in the Rs.750 bracket were sold out quite a long time back. After that, the ones in the Rs.4,000 category were also sold out. Until Tuesday morning, there were only eight tickets available in the Rs.20,000 bracket and around 240 in the Rs.50,000 bracket,” the manager said.

“But last (Tuesday) night everything was sold out,” he added.

The closing ceremony, to be held at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Thursday, promises to be a spectacular celebration of song and dance with a colourful laser show.

The helpline manager further said that after the great success of the opening ceremony of the Games, they have been bombarded with enquiries about tickets for the closing ceremony.

Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa will be the chief guest at the event.

The sale and availability of the Games tickets have been mired in controversy from the beginning. Spectators have often been told that the tickets have been sold out while the venues remained half-empty.

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