Asia Hockey Cup 2013 1st, 2nd Semi Finals Prediction

Asia Hockey Cup 2013 1st semi final in between Pakistan and South Korea hockey team. Pakistan team performed in A group they performed very outstanding in every Asian hockey games. In A group four teams are participate Pakistan, Malaysia, Japan, Chinese Taipei teams. Pakistan hockey team have many experienced players so they perform very out standing they won at least every game with a good score Goals.

Pakistan won three games no one be able to defeat the Pakistan hockey team. They won from Chinese Taipei, Japan, Malaysia teams one one match as per schedule announcement. After complete their three games get the 9 points on points table and get the first ranking position.

On the other hand Korea who qualifying for 1st semi final match played with Pakistan hockey team. No doubt both team have good experienced player so this points of view Asia Hockey 1st Semi final match victory not for easy any team. Korea perform in B group won two games form Bangladesh & Oman with a good score goal get the 6 points on table.

Asia Hockey Cup 2013 1st, 2nd Semi Finals Prediction

2nd Semi final match of Men,s Asia Hockey Cup in between Indian hockey team & Malaysia hockey teams. Indian team face three Asian hockey game won every game form Korea, Oman, Bangladesh hockey teams. Indian get the first ranked position on points table while Malaysia performed in A group get 2nd Position on table. Asia Hockey cup Men,s both semi finals matches will be on same day 30 August 2013.

After the both fours team performance in whole the tournament Indian hockey team and Pakistan team performance is very well in all matches they every game form every Asian Hockey teams. So this points of view first match will won Pakistan & Second semi final match will won Indian our Prediction so let see who is the today match winner.

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