Pakistan vs Belgium Live Score Hockey Match Champion Trophy 2012

Today Group B Hockey Champion Trophy 2012 Match will be played between Pakistan Vs Belgium and
Group B Pakistan vs Netherlands Hockey Live Match was held 01 December 2012. Here we will provide
you live Score for the Pakistan vs Belgium Hockey champion’s trophy 2012 Match will be start at the Sun
2 Dec 2012. Pool – B – Local-14:35 – GMT-03:35 between Belgium and Pakistan.

Pakistan has played last match with the Netherlands it was Pakistan’s 1st match of the group B and now
Pakistan going to play 2nd match of the group B against the Belgium last match Netherlands was won
the match from Pakistan by 2 goals in this match Pakistan was got 1 goal and Netherlands was got 3

Pakistan vs Belgium Live Score Hockey Match Champion Trophy 2012

Pakistan vs Belgium Live Score Hockey Match Champion Trophy 2012

Date : Sun 2 Dec.
Pool : B
Time : Local-14:35 – GMT-03:35
Venue : Australia Millburn

  • Pool A Team Name: Germany, England, New Zealand, India
  • Pool b Team Name: Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, Pakistan

Pakistan 2:0 Belgium

Final Score

Pakistan won by 2 Goals

It was very interesting match and now we will see the next match between Pakistan and Belgium that
who will win the match today Pakistan or Belgium. Pakistan team should win this match against the
Belgium because they lost the last match from the Nether lands. The Pakistan Hockey Federation’s
recent decision to dissolve the selection committee and give the coaching staff more authority over
team selection came after much criticism in the wake of Pakistan’s abysmal seventh-place finish at the
London Olympics.

Manager Akhtar Rasool, coach Hanif Khan, assistant coach Ajmal Lodhi and goalkeeper coach Ahmed
Alam were given the responsibility of preparing for the International Super Series 9’s and the Champions
Trophy being played in Australia. In the Hockey Champions Trophy Pool total 12 match will be played
Of which 6 pool A matches and 6 Pool B Matches. On 01st December 2012 4 matches was held 2 match
was Pool A and 2 Match was Pool B and Also on 02 December 4 matches in which 2 will be pool A and
2matches will be pool B.

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