Pakistan vs India Hockey Live Score Online Azlan Shah Cup 2012

The Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2012 most viewed and awaited match will be played between Pakistan vs India on 31st May 2012. This Most important Hockey Match will be Played at Ipoh, Malaysia. Both Rival have Asian Strongest Hockey Teams with many international level Star players with them.

In this Azlan Shah Cup 2012 Pakistan and India performance in start of tournament were not satisfactory but later on India won their some most crucial matches from Korea and Malaysia. Pakistan Won their initial match from Argentina but loose their matches from Korea and New Zealand.  On the Points Table Indian Team have 6 points and won two matches from 4. Their one Match is also left with Argentina on 30th May 2012. Pakistan have only 3 points with first victory played total 3 matches. One of his match left with Malaysia on 30th May 2012.

Pakistan vs India Hockey Live Score Asia Trophy 2012

India’s victories over Malaysia and South Korea, who are Asia’s top-ranked side in world rankings, have brought the side back in contention for a medal after a disastrous start with a 1-5 defeat against New Zealand.

At present, New Zealand are on top of the standings with nine points after three straight victories. Argentina and India follow with six points each.

Korea have four points from four matches. Britain also have four points, but they have played only three games so far. Pakistan have three points from three encounters. Hosts Malaysia have collected only two points from their three matches.

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Pakistan vs India Final Hockey Live Match Score Online

Pakistan vs India Hockey Final Highlights Videos

Pakistan vs India Hockey Live Score Online Azlan Shah Cup 2012Pakistan vs India Hockey Live Match Online Azlan Shah Cup 2012

Date and Time: THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2012        ,  18:05
Venue:  Ipoh, Malaysia
Tournament:  Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2012
Match: Pak vs Ind Hockey

Pakistan hockey Team Squad:

Sohail Abbas (captain), Waqas Sharif (vice captain), Imran Shah, Imran Butt, M Irfan, Kashif Shah, Khalid Bhatti, Fareed Ahmed, Rashid Mehmood, M Rizwan Junior, M Tauseeq, Shafqat Rasool, Abdul Haseem Khan, M Rizwan Senior, M Zubair, M Umar Bhutta, Shabbir Ahmed Khan and Ali Shan.

As performance in whole Tournament before Olympics both Teams will struggle their boom to won this important match to high Morale of Players. But both team performing a little bit lower then other teams in Azlan Shah Cup important as Preparation before Mega Sports Event Olympics 2012 at London.

Pakistan Team is playing under a newly appointed Captain Sohail Abbass. But performance of whole team is nothing better then a Club level team.

Pakistan vs India Hockey Live Score Online Azlan Shah 2012:

The Media Coverage of this tournament provided by Neo Sports in India.Live Score and Goals updates available only on Here this important Match India vs Pakistan Azlan Shah Cup 2012 Hockey will be updated when its goes live. Here We will update live Score Online, Latest Result and Points Table of Azlan Shah Cup 2012.

Pakistan vs India Hockey Match Live Score Updates here. just stay touch here.

Live Score Results

Pakistan 1 : 2 India

Final Score

  • 31st min: Sandeep ready, flicks. GOAL! Ind 1 – 0 Pak
  • 59th min: Sohail Abbass gets ready to flick, flicks, it’s in. GOAL! Pakistan draw level. Ind 1 – 1 Pak
  • GOAL, India score with 90 seconds remaining. Goal scored by Sunil

Final Score: India 2 Pakistan 1
India scores second goal, India 2 – Pakistan 1
Azlan shah: India scores 1 min left
67th min: Sandeep takes aim, pushes, but Pak rusher foils it. Ind 1 – 1 Pak
Azlan shah: PC to India 4 mins left
Game enters its last five minutes. Ind 1 – 1 Pak
5 minutes to go
Azlan shah: Pakistan’s Rizwan goes out… was hit by India’s PC..7 min 20s left
Umpire changes his mind and its a free hit to Pakistan. 7 minutes to go
The Pakistani rusher is on the ground, writhing in pain. That was bang into his knee. Ind 1 – 1 Pak
Rizwan puts body infront of Sandeep and umpire awards another PC
62nd min: India earn a PC through some great stickwork in the D from Manpreet. Sandeep will take it. Ind 1 – 1 Pak
Under 10 minutes to the full-time hooter now. Ind 1 – 1 Pak
Azlan shah: Sohail scores… 340th goal for him … 1-1 to Pakistan
Azlan shah: 6th PC to Pakistan – 11 min left
Azlan shah:15 mins left in 2nd half — 1-0 to India
And now Rizwan sends ball out with a neat deflection in the 53rd minute
18 minutes left on the clock now. Ind 1 – 0 Pak
Waqas misses a sitter as he hits it straight in Chetrii in the 51st minute
20 minutes remain
49th min: Pakistan on attack. Get a long corner. Ind 1 – 0 Pak
India is leading with 1-0 against Pakistan at The Sultan Azlan Shah Cup .
Sohail attemped to play ball to man on the right, but well read by Indian defence
45th min: Pakistan look for a deflection off Sohail Abbas’s push but Indian defence alert to clear the ball. Ind 1 – 0 Pak
Azlan shah: PC for Pakistan .. PC number 5
Goal disallowed as Tushar cross turned in by Sunil Sowmarpet in the 42nd minute.
Chetri pulls off brilliant save from Rizwan
Match resumes. India awarded PC in the 39th minute, their second of the match.
Second-half action begins! Ind 1 – 0 Pak
Its Half Time, India leading 1-0 against Pakistan. Green Shirts missed four PCs.
it was the 4th PC and Chetri denies Pakistan.
5 seconds from halftime and Pakistan awarded PC
and #Pakistan has missed another Penalty Corner.. Pathetic.
Azlan shah: Penalty corner to Pak 2 mins left in 1st half
Azlan shah: India score – Sandeep scores in 30min… 1-0 to India
Azlan shah: no goals scored – 0-0 6 min to HT
Azlan shah: 9 min to go — 0-0
24th min: Sandeep with a solid push into the Pakistani D but Mohd. Ifran alert there, clears. Ind 0 – 0 Pak.
23rd min: Nice move by India. Sardar to Tushar, who crosses in from right but Sunil fails to make much of it. Ind 0 – 0 Pak
Azlan shah: 13 mins to go till HT.. 0-0 Pak v IND
20th min: Pak get a loose ball in the India D. Raghu’s last-ditch effort pushes the ball wide of Pak forward. Ind 0 – 0 Pak.
20 minutes gone, Pakistan has already missed Two PCs and one open chance to score goal against India.
Azlan shah: Pakistan mess it up .. still 0-0 20 mins to go in 1st half
And not a good set piece as Sandeep saves with Ragunath getting hit on the face by the ball
and Pakistan misses it once again …
14th min: Sohail Abbass’s push finds Sandeep’s knee. Must be painful. Another PC for Pakistan. Ind 0 – 0 Pak.
7 minutes played, even exchanges.
India Vs Pakistan update: Movements slow and the pitch is heavy with continuous rain.
Azlan shah: Umer Bhutta comes close but doesn’t score.
Azlan shah: PC for Pak.. 13 mins.
Azlan shah: Critical for Pak to score: Hasan Sardar.
Azlan shah: Another PC for Pak 14 min.

Pakistan vs India Match Highlights Results Azlan Shah Cup 2012:

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