Pakistan vs Malaysia Hockey Match Asia Cup 2013 – 25 Aug

Pakistan vs Malaysia Hockey Match Asia Cup 2013 – 25 Aug.Pak vs Malaysia live hockey match score, goals updates, results with TV broadcast on ESPN, Star Sports, Ptv Sports online commentary, team squads and prediction check it.Pakistan and Malaysia teams also won their first day matches with brilliant game and sure for next good for their team and hope play this match also extra ordinary performance so fans really excited for watch what will happened next and who will win the match, we are also help our hockey fans for catch every moment of Asia Cup hockey 2013 tournament in Malaysia. Pakistan vs Malaysia live hockey match will start at 20:00 so tune every updates during start time.Pakistan crush Japan 7-0, while hosts Malaysia demolished newcomer Chinese Taipei 10-2 in their respective pool A matches ninth Asia Cup Hockey Tournament on Saturday.In the first encounter pond, Pakistan started on a bright note and raced to a 6-0 lead in the first half by the Japanese to come with a spirited effort in the second period to concede only one goal.Surprisingly, collapsed Japanese defense like a pack of cards in front of the Pakistanis than ever in the attacks in the first half with Muhammad Waqas (12TH, 20), Abdul Haseem Khan (22), Mohammad Tousiq (25, 35) and captain Mohammad Imran (33) deliver a comfortable lead on their side at the break lemon.But it was a completely different scenario in the second half as Pakistan found it very difficult to penetrate the Japanese defense, which seems to have learned from the mistakes of ‘her.After toiling hard for the entire second half, Pakistan managed to score another goal in the stroke through the whistle captain Imran who converted a penalty corner.

Pakistan dominance can be measured from the fact that they scored five of their goals from penalty corners, while the other two came through the efforts of the field.At the same time, the second in the pool today’s match which saw high-scoring encounters, Malaysia was in for a rude shock in early in the game when Chinese Taipei took the lead against the run of the mill during the Qing Liu Kun (5 minutes).Stunned by the early goal, regrouped quickly Malaysians themselves did not give any more easy successes in Chinese Taipei. The home team scored goals at will after that to exclude the possibility of the existence of the disorder.And scored five goals in Malaysia through all Faizal Surrey (10 minutes, 13TH, 69), Mohamed Achaari Firhan (18, 69), Abdul Jalil Ahmad Tajudin (23), Mohammed Jalil Mohammed Marhan (32), Ahmad Tajuddin Izwan Firdaus (39), Mohammed Noor Nabil Fiqri (45) and Mohammad Sari mushrooms (62).The second goal came Chinese Taipei in 46 minutes of the stick of Zeng Yi Xian.

Pakistan vs Malaysia Hockey Match Asia Cup 2013 - 25 Aug

Pakistan vs Malaysia Hockey Match Asia Cup 2013 – 25 Aug

Pakistan vs Malaysia Hockey match 2013
Hockey Asia Cup 2013 in Malaysia
Date: 25 August 2013 | 25-08-2013
Time: 20:00
Venue: Ipho, International Hockey Stadium, Malaysia.

Hockey Live Goal Score Online Updates

Pakistan 4 : 1 Malaysia

Match End = Final Time

Pakistan Hockey Squad for Asia Cup 2013:

  1. Mohammad Imran (Captain)
  2. Ali Shan
  3. Rashid Mahmood
  4. Waqas Sharif
  5. Muhammad Zubair
  6. Waseem Ahmad
  7. Shakeel Abbasi
  8. Dilbar Hussain
  9. Rizwan Junior
  10. Salman Akbar
  11. Muhammad Tauseeq
  12. Fareed Ahmad
  13. Amir Shahzad
  14. Imran Butt
  15. Muhammad Irfan
  16. Abdul Haseem Khan
  17. Shafqat Rasool
  18. Umar Bhutta

Malaysia Hockey Squad for Asia Cup 2013:

  1. Khairulnizam Ibrahim
  2. Kumar Subramaniam
  3. Roslan Jamaluddin
  4. Ahmad Kazamirul
  5. Azlan Misron
  6. Azreen Rizal
  7. Amin Rahim
  8. Izad Hakimi
  9. Razie Rahim
  10. Meor Muhammad Azuan
  11. Fitri Saari
  12. Ramadan Rosli
  13. Azammi Adabi
  14. Jivan Mohan
  15. Marhan Jalil
  16. Faizal Saari
  17. Nabil Fiqri
  18. Izwan Firdaus
  19. Firhan Ashaari
  20. Norhizzat Sumantri
  21. Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin


Pakistan is guest but Malaysia play his owen ground with home crowed support we hope all the best for Pakistan team and their players for take lead in this match and must win this event for qualify for Hockey World Cup. but stay here see full game for check who will win the match Pakistan vs Malaysia hockey 2013.

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