Pakistan vs Chinese-Taipei Hockey Match Asia Cup 2013 – 27 Aug

Pakistan vs Chinese-Taipei Both are ready for his last Asia Cup First Round A group match 2013. This was the last game of Chinese-Taipei while Pakistan hockey team qualifying for the semi finals of 2013 Men,s Asia hockey Cup. Pakistan team always looking in a good form so they already qualify for the semi final match in A group while on the other hand in B group Indian hockey team qualify for the semi final.

Pakistan vs Chinese-Taipei Hockey Match will be held on Tuesday 27,08,2013 and match will be start at 18:05 Local Time, 15:05 PST & 10:05 GMT this match is very interesting not very big competition cause Chinese have new players and Pakistan have most experienced players. Pakistan vs Chinese-Taipei Hockey Match Asia Cup 2013 - 27 Aug

Pakistan vs China Hockey Match 2013

Hockey Asia Cup 2013 in Malaysia

Date: 27 August 2013 | 27-08-2013

Time: 3:00

Venue: Ipho Stadium, Malaysia.

Live Hockey Score Goals Online

Pakistan 13 : 0 China

Match End = Full Time

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Live Commentary Updates#

  • Won 7-0 against Japan, 4-1 ag Malaysia & 13-0 ag TPE. #TeamPakistan
  • Hockey Asia Cup: Next up…Malaysia vs Japan
  • Hockey Asia Cup: 13-0 Haseem Khan scores again
  • Hockey Asia Cup: 12-0 with 2 minutes left on the clock
  • #Pakistan lead 10-0 vs Chinese-Taipei at #hockey #AsiaCup in #ipoh
  • Hockey Asia Cup: Yet another goal by Haseem Kahn…10-0 to Pakistan
  • Hockey Asia Cup: 8-0 to Pakistan…Imran scores again
  • Hockey Asia Cup: yet another goal for Pakistan..Shafqat scores in the 46th minute.
  • Hockey Asia Cup: 45th minute and the 6th goal for pakistan
  • Hockey Asia Cup: Three minutes into the second half and Pakistan scores twice..5-0
  • Hockey Asia Cup: Keeper saves
  • Hockey Asia Cup: Pakistan score again..3-0..
  • Hockey Asia Cup: 29th minute PC for Pakistan
  • Hockey Asia Cup: Send wide by Imran
  • Hockey Asia Cup: 6th pc for pakistan
  • Hockey Asia Cup: Miss trap by wassem ahmad
  • Hockey Asia Cup: Half time, Pakistan 3 vs Taiwan 0
  • Hockey Asia Cup: Muhammad Imran scores…2-0 pakistan leads

These two teams are on top in A, B group while Malaysia hockey team on second position on table Pak & Malaysia teams are one one match left so Pakistan team captain we try best to the top first position on Points table in  A group Asia Hockey Cup 2013. Here at this page we will update the Pakistan vs Chinese-Taipei Hockey Match live score, match results when match will be finished as per their timing & update the every latest match updates.

Pakistan hockey team played tow Asia hockey matches firs match won form Japan by 7-0 and they won from Malaysia by 3-1 this match victory is very big for us. While Chinese-Taipei team face same 2 matches but could not get any match victory so Chinese-Taipei get zero points & on last Position on points table of Asia Cup 2013.

Pakistan & Chinese-Taipei hockey match is not very tough for PAK but if they want to get the first position they won the match. On the other hand Chinese-Taipei team played two game while could not get any match victory form any team. Here at this we will update the teams squad, match updates and more…

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