US Open 2011 Leaderboard: Rory McIlroy scorecard to break Open records

 PGA Tour players flock into the US Open Golf 2011 for the second straight day at the Congressional Country Club, Maryland. All eyes are focused on Rory McIlroyRory McIlroy scorecard who has five straight pars, a birdie and a surprising eagle to move 11- under at the U.S. Open, good for an nine-shot lead aproaching 18th hole in second round Friday.

US Open 2011 Leaderboard Rory McIlroy scorecard With that said Rory McIlroy is flirting witn a new US Open record with no player has been better than 9 under through two rounds and nobody has led by more than six at the halfway point, ESPN report.

McIlroy eagled the par-4 eighth hole when he holed out from the fairway to get to 10 under, the ball lands on the upper side of the green and roll down its beauty. McIlroy stunned himself clinched fist for victory as Phil Michelson standing besides the green applauds the young Irishman. He then birdied the 16th and 17th holes to reach 13-under par. He erased a record held by Tiger WoodsTiger Woods in US Open 2000.US Open 2011 Leaderboard LIVE: Rory McIlroy scorecard to break Open records, US Open 2011 Leaderboard Rory McIlroy scorecard, US Open 2011 Leaderboard LIVE, Rory McIlroy scorecard to break Open records,

US Open 2011 Leaderboard LIVE, Rory McIlroy scorecard to break Open records McIlroy shot 6-under after the first round of the US Open yesterday leaving a 3 shot lead which is the biggest seen in the Open for years.

But the memory of McIlroy meltdown performance at The Masters earlier this year still linger in people’s minds of how far he can go.

Check US Open Leaderboard second round.

Rory McIlroy with a four-shot lead at The Masters this year, and still one shot ahead when he made the turn, he hooked a tee shot into the cabins left of the 10th fairway and made triple bogey. The immense pressure just took in and on the next two holes he took seven putts from a combined 20 feet on his way to an 80.

McIlroy surge couldn’t get much better for a U.S. Open, even though few are lurking behind. Teamed up with Phil Mickelson and Dustin JohnsonDustin Johnson, he led Zach JohnsonZach Johnson, Kyung-tae Kim and Y.E. Yang by eight and was nearing record territory.

After a luckster opening yesterday Phil Mickelson sort things out and made four birdies to comeback for the tournament, but still very far from to McIlroy lead.

Check Rory McIlroy scorecard at the US Open

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Rory McIlroy Second Round Scorecard

1st Hole -4,/2nd -4,/3rd -4,/4th -5, /5th -5,/6th -6,/7th -6, /8th -6, /9th -6, /10th -10, /11th -10, / 12th -10,/ 13th -10, /14th -11, /15th -11,/16th -12, /17th -13,/18th -11/Total -11

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