Sebastian Vettel wins Italian Grand Prix 2013

Sebastian Vettel has won the Italian Grand Prix 2013 on this Sunday. This is his third Italian Grand Prix which has also enabled him to get a 53 points lead over its rival drivers in Formula One Championship after having six victories in last 12 races. This is the 32nd victory of the career of Sebastian Vettel and the third one at Monza.

Sebastian started the race from the pole position. He had to face some problems in the beginning of the race as Vettel locked his tires with the Ferrari of Felipe Massa but he kept his good runs going. With this victory, the chances of Vettel’s winning his fourth straight Formula One title are very bright now unless he loses his form or Ferrari driver Alonso pulls-off some straight victories.

 Sebastian Vettel wins Italian Grand Prix 2013

“Sebastian Vettel wins Italian Grand Prix 2013”

The Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso finished at the second place while another Red Bull driver Mark Webber grabbed the third position. Sebastian Vettel completed the race in 1 hour 18 minutes and 33.35 seconds while Alonso finished just 5.4 second behind him.

After this victory Sebastian now has 222 points while Alonso has 169 points. Now only 175 are left with Vettel’s lead of 53 points already which makes him to win the Formula One title again. That was just not a Ferrari fans day as they were cheering for their team but Alonso was just not able to hang-on to his first place. It his last European race before the retirement Mark Webber clearly enjoyed his day after finishing the race at third place.

While talking about the race Vettel said ““We had problems with the gearboxes at the end, but I was OK because I had a good cushion and it was a fantastic win.” On the other side the crowd’s favorite Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso said that ““Second place is good, Hopefully we’ll come back next year and have first place.”

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