Lewis Hamilton wins Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton wins Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton produced a near-perfect performance on Sunday when he took full advantage of the early retirement of double world champion Sebastian Vettel to win a hot ‘day-night’ Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Formula One Abu Dhabi Grand Prix statistics:

At the wheel of his McLaren with a guarantee of size and speed, the English of 26 years old, dominated from the second corner of the first round to finish, as he claimed his third win of the season with 17 of its problems and career.

He started second but took the lead within a few hundred meters to the Red Bull 24-year-old German Vettel sustained a puncture in his right rear tire and forced him to deviate from the Yas Marina circuit.

Marked by Hamilton and took an advantage that gave twice briefly during pit stops gave him one of the most successful shows of his 89 races in Formula One.Two-time Spanish champion Fernando Alonso was second home to Ferrari, clearing some of the memories of a nightmare race in 2010, when the title race was ruined by strategic errors.

Briton Jenson Button in the second McLaren struggled to third place ahead of Vettel of Red Bull teammate Mark Webber of Australia and fifth-placed Brazilian Felipe Massa in the second Ferrari.

German Nico Rosberg took his compatriot and teammate Mercedes, seven times champion Michael Schumacher at home in the sixth and seventh places with another German Sutil, Adrian, finishing eighth ahead of Force India team mate British rookie Paul Di Resta. Kamui Kobayashi of Japan Sauber finished 10th just beating out fellow Mexican Serigo Perez in the final points scoring position. Lewis Hamilton wins Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

“A job mega, mega, as usual,” Hamilton said on the radio equipment at the end. “I dedicate this to my mother on her birthday and it is wonderful to have you here this weekend.” From a pole position record 14 match of the season, Vettel made a good start when the lights went out and pulled clear of Hamilton in the lead. The field behind him running races unscathed in order behind him.

Having won the previous two major awards at the Yas Marina circuit, which appeared as usual for German 24-year-old, but only by a few hundred yards, threw a stick out of control and the circuit when it became in turn two.

The right rear tire machine Vettel Red Bull deflates quickly, and although he was able to recover and nurse the car to the pits, which marked the final and his first retirement in more than one year from the Grand Prix Korea 2010.

Vettel got into his car and soon take a laptop to discover exactly what happened, but by then the leaders were completing the third round with Hamilton leading the field by nearly three seconds. Alonso, who passed Webber and Button came in second with the third button, Webber fourth and fifth Massa. Rosberg had climbed to sixth in the opening skirmishes, fighting his way past Mercedes-mate Schumacher.

The running order remains as having begun in the sun and high temperatures near 40 degrees Celsius, the sun began to fall and reflectors to take over. The temperature dropped quickly, too. Button, who struggle to resist Webber, reported problems on lap 13, McLaren said it was a failure of his KERS system (Kinetic Energy Recovery) to ask you to restart while running.

Hamilton pitted for the first time after 16 laps, quickly followed by Alonso and Button, Webber providing the lead for one lap. The Australian, however, lost time and momentum with a slow stop for new tires as Red Bull suffered problems with his right rear tire.

Webber problems cost him not only time, but a place in Massa’s career took him fourth for Ferrari, while Alonso consolidated its dominance in the second, 3.6 seconds behind the flying in the form of Hamilton. He stayed and the day became night with a dazzling glare of the spotlights Yas Marina track while Button regained his KERS to set a fastest lap in the search for Hamilton, who was 4.4 seconds ahead Alonso, after 36.

Webber was the first to the second round of pit stops, followed by Button and Hamilton delayed until lap 40, Alonso delivered to the head. The Spanish, however, was unable to generate as many times as necessary to create a “cut” and pitted two laps later, return again second.

Lewis Hamilton wins Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.Lewis Hamilton performance full Coverage world champion to win a hot ‘day-night’ Abu Dhabi Grand Prix results highlights. In the front again, Hamilton was soon clear 5.4 seconds and cruise to the checkered flag with 12 laps remaining, nurses and facilitate their tires through the mist of a comfortable victory.


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