Fernando Alonso says that German Grand Prix will be safe

Fernando Alonso Diaz says he has faith in Formula One’s governing board ad Pirelli about ensuring safety at Grand Prix on Thursday after the incident in which multiple treys blew out in last race. He almost got hit by a strip of tread flying off a car in front of him on the head at Silverstone.

Ferrari official website quoted Alonso as:

“I know that various modifications have been applied and let’s hope that means all of us drivers can race in safe conditions. “At the moment, we can’t make any predictions, because no one has tried them and we don’t know what and how many benefits they can bring, apart from trusting in the fact that it won’t be dangerous to race.”

Fernando Alonso says that German Grand Prix will be safe

Alonso was the winner of last year’s German Grand Prix. He is also two time World Champion and the winner in China and Spain this season.

Ferrari put Fernando Alonso his faith in the governing body of Formula One and Pirelli ensure safety in the German Grand Prix on Thursday after multiple tire blowouts in the British race at the end of last week. Spain, second in the standings behind the triple champion Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel, and almost hit on the head by a strip of tread flying off the car in front of him at Silverstone.

After the intervention of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) organized under the talk about the province driver, brought different Pirelli rear tires to – race Vettel House – with an internal belt is made of Kevlar synthetic fiber instead of steel. “After what we have seen at Silverstone, and now we go to, and am confident that we could see an improvement,” the Ferrari website Alonso was quoted as saying.

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