United fans plan Old Trafford boycott

Manchester United fans are expected to display their displeasure at the Glazers during the match against AC Milan.

United will host Milan for the second leg of their round-of-16 Champions League clash on Wednesday.

According to reports in the Daily Mail, the protests are planned against the Glazers’ continued owenership of the club. The Americans have come in for scathing criticism recently with supporters accusing them of filling their own coffers at the expense of the club.

The Daily Mail reported that up to 10,000 fans are expected to protest outside the stadium and burn effigies of the owners. The “event” is being planned by the Manchester United Support Trust (MUST).

The Chief Executive of the trust, Duncan Drasdo was reported in the newspaper as saying that “We’re not co-ordinating anything but we’re not against it either.”

“‘People can make up their own minds over how to express themselves but we’re not pushing it at the moment. We have other priorities.

“We’re more interested in participation in the internet campaign. The green and gold is a better illustration of the campaign for change.”

Green and gold were the original colours of the United team when they went by the name Newton Heath.

However, one member of the trust was quoted as saying “This [the boycott protest] is a long time in the making. The idea got put forward a few weeks ago but, in reality, we have been preparing something like this for months.”

“Millions of people – maybe even billions – will watch this match and, when they see thousands of empty seats, it will send a message out to the Glazer family.

“I’ve heard there could be 10,000 involved in this and, although some will return to their seats for most of the match, there could be a large percentage of people who will stay away in protest,” said the supporter.

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